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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Jessie's Baby Shower

My cousin Jessie is having a baby :)
It's A Boy!
We are so excited for her. On Halloween morning she had a baby shower and I offered to make a cake for it. After some complications *I'll explain those later* we made it to the shower about an hour late. I felt so embarrassed.

So Friday night I worked on this cake until 4am. I was pretty awake too! I wasn't getting tired at all. Plus Justin had friends over until about 3 haha! Yeah we're crazy. So I climbed into bed at about 4 am and set my alarm for 8am so i could get up and finalize the cake and leave my house by 10am so we could be there at 11am when the shower started.
Saturday morning I wake up completely panicked. I vaguely remember my alarm going off, but I must have been so tired I turned it off. I jumped out of bed frantically at 9:30 knowing I only had a half hour to get EVERYTHING done for the cake, shower and get ready... Yeah right. Not happening. I was so upset at myself. So then a few minutes after I wake up my mom calls me. For Jessie's gift we were making her burp cloths, Binky clips and a blanket. Mom and I together finished the burp cloths and Binky clips and the mom said she was going to finish the blanket Friday night while I worked on the cake. This is what mom said:

"Um, I didn't finish the blanket because I'm lame. I apparently don't know how to line up fabric and sew a straight line."

My heart dropped. I took sewing for 3 years and yes my mom DOES know how to sew seams. That's all this was. I knew I wouldn't be able to get it all done. I felt so bad. So the blanket had to wait. I finished the cake, we tied the burp cloths and Binky clips with a cute ribbon and we were walking out the door at about 11am. Which was when the party started. And we had to drive out to South Jordan which was a 30-45 minute drive.

So I'm walking out of my house with the finished cake in my hands and i totally smeared the writing BOY across my chest. I was so upset. It looked so cute and I screwed it up. I should have stuck with fondant letters instead of buttercream. So you can really tell I messed the letters up.
This baby was my favorite! It was so fun to mold all the little fingers, the ear, and hair :o) He's too cute, isn't he?
I love the buttons for the border. Those were fun!
Jessie's Aunt made all this food! It was amazing!
A few minutes after we were all done eating and just chatting in the front room I see this little boy, probably Jessie's cousin, climbing up onto a stool and onto the bar. I think I was the only one watching him do this, but it was like slow motion, he reached forward and just DUG his whole hand into the side of the cake, right between the bottle and rattle. I just snickered and let it be. Only seconds after it happened his mom saw him. It was so cute. But i figured we were only going to eat it anyway and we had already gotten pictures and stuff :o)
So we get to the party and all my cousins are dressed up as pregnant women! HAHA! I love my cousins! Jessie (in black) is the only one who is pregnant, although Katie (in pink) is married too :o)
Lucy, Jeneil, Aunt Leah, Olivia, and Me
Jessie and her sister Lucy
This is Courtney, She looks so cute, holding her pregnant belly and everything! Haha!
This is Katie. She is married to Jessie's Brother, Clancy. Doesn't she look adorable!
Sisters, all dressed up!

Here's the trick to their pregnant belly's! What a good Idea!

Anyway, It was a great party, and the cake was so fun. I am excited to create my next baby shower cake.

I'll also be posting the pictures of the cake on my cake blog!


Carly said...

OMGoodness! I totally thought that Whitney was pregnant. I didn't see the caption under the picture. I thought, man I didn't know she was pregnant too! That is funny that they all dressed up pregnant haha!

The cake turned out SO cute Em! funny story about the little boy digging his fingers in it. Such a little boy thing to do! You took it well. I think I would have been angry that my masterpiece was being destroyed!