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Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Oh boy was it awesome!

I don't know if all of our Halloween pictures will fit on this one post. We took so many, and i just have to share them all. They are all so fun! So beware, there's lots of pictures!
It all started a week before when I came up with the idea to be cops. Since Justin is repairing my uncles retired cop car, he thought it was a fantastic idea! Then I thought, well since we are cops, we need some inmates to put in that back seat behind the cage of the cop car :o) So i asked Bret and Ryan to be our inmates.
At the first of the week I didn't think I was committing to much, so I offered to sew their costumes. I didn't think it would be hard, I would just sew bright orange scrubs. Then came the Baby shower, and my aunt wanted me to make a cake, so i accepted that task also. Well while at the fabric store getting the orange fabric for the costumes, i found the most adorable baby blanket fabric. So of course I got it and decided I would sew my cousin a baby blanket for her gift and I would make burp cloths and Binky clips (I wish i had gotten pictures of them, Darn!) Also I offered to make cupcakes for the Halloween party that we were going to attend on Saturday night. Bad idea to agree to all of this.

So I started off early in the week and got to work cutting out fabric, and sewing the costumes. Those definitely took more time then i was expecting. Before I knew it, it was Friday night. The cake had to be done the next morning for the baby shower by 11am (See next post) so i had to stop doing costumes and make the cake. I was up until 4 am. I would have stayed up longer but I needed sleep.

While I made cake, Justin and friends carved pumpkins in our front room

Nice face chad!
Shari carving her very first pumpkin EVER!

Justin's is the top one-- Can you tell what it is? Homer Simpson's x-ray!! He he! Then Bret's, then Jen made the Where the wild things are pumpkin, and chad made the nightmare before Christmas.

Long story short, I got the cake done, went to the baby shower, got home and was suppose to take a nap. I didn't cause I knew I had a ton to do! So I stayed up and sewed like a mad woman. We wanted to leave for the party by 7pm... we didn't leave until 8 cause sewing takes time! Plus I had to put a new zipper in my costume and sew the "Police" onto the back of Justin's costume cause it said "rescue" and we weren't fire fighters.

Well we made it to the party at Shari's house out in Riverton by 9pm. I have to give a huge shout out to the Hendricks! They did such an amazing job. We had SO much fun at the party. Shari and her parents made us all this food. It was soo good. Then after we ate we took a whole bunch of pictures. Then we found out found out that another group of our friends was like 5 minutes away. Of course Justin wanted to sit on the road just before Shari's house and pretend pull him over. So we did, and I think Zack peed his pants. I've never seen someone pull over faster than he did. HAHA!

We also played boxers or briefs and had some really good laughs and then watched The Eye.Starting from the top: Me, Ryan, Justin, Bret, Kyle Coleman is wearing the blond wig, then bailey, Zack is in the black wig, then chad is at the far left, Jen, Shari, Jennifer and Mackenzie.Ryan wearing someones wig
Playing boxers or briefs
Watching the movieMMM, Sexy cop :o)

We didn't get home until 3:00am :o)

Chad was a black eyed pea, and Jen was a kitty cat.

We had SO much fun! Thanks so much to all my friends for making it such a great Halloween!


Carly said...

Wow...You guys had a lot of fun with Halloween didn't you? I'll bet the boys were in HEAVEN playing Cops and Inmates all night :)
I didn't even know that you borrowed Uncle D's cop car. That is so funny! And pulling Zack over? HILARIOUS! You guys are so cute! Love you!

Heidi and Casey said...

Looks like fun! How are you guys doing? Its been so long. You look like you had a good Halloween and that your doing well! Take care!