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Monday, October 26, 2009

What we've been up to!

So some of you have probably been wondering what we've been up to besides just making cake. So I decided to elaborate. (In order from oldest to newest photo's)

Viewmont high school had a powderpuff football game. Kyle was a cheerleader! He's such a funny kid! He was also elected to be the designated "flyer"
Check It Out!

Good thing they caught him.

The Junior Cheerleaders

Kyle and his best friend Caden.

Also, Justin has been working so hard. His boss went out of town for 3 days to go deer hunting. So he decided to call my Aunt Leah and help her out with her new house down in Draper. In return Aunt Leah gave us this. THANK YOU SO MUCH! WE LOVE IT :o)
And last night after family dinner at my mom's house, we decided to make caramel apples. So i melted the caramel and got our 4 choices of toppings ready: Mini M&M's, Toffee pieces, Chopped peanuts, and Halloween sprinkles.

MMM! They were delicious!

And of course, the boys love to play/torture poor duke. But he's such a good sport. (Sorry for the bad filming, I'll take the blame for that)
They put aluminum foil on his feet with rubber bands. So when he'd run into the kitchen he'd slip and fall. But he didn't like the feeling on his feet at all!

Anyway, we've just been busy working and hanging out with friends A LOT, and the boys play Counterstrike A LOT. But other than that, not too much is going on.

However I am excited for the following things coming up soon:
With Tatjana & Jeff this week


November 6th is:

Our birthdays!


And then the perfect ending to our year in:at my sisters house with the whole family :o)


Carly said...

Cute post sister! I loved the two videos. Dad never did send me the video from the powderpuff game...

I was laughing pretty hard at Duke when he started prancing. LOL! But those boys are mean to him :( Poor dog.

I LOVE the things you are looking forward to list. Where did you get that idea?!? JK! I especially love the last thing you are looking forward to. I. CAN'T. WAIT!!! Love you!