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Friday, November 27, 2009

Birthday Fun!!

Wow, Sorry I am so behind! We've been so busy and I just haven't really found time to post about our birthdays and other festivities lately.

I had a great birthday this year. Justin did as well. Mine is on the 7th and Justin's is on the 16th.

On Friday the 6th we had tickets to the SKILLET concert! It was SO much fun. I bought these tickets for Justin for our Sealing anniversary in September. It just happen to be the day before my birthday. But we had so much fun, some friends joined us and bought tickets as well, which made it more fun because there were more people.

Bret, Ryan, Kyle and Shari came along!
We were so hyper on the way down to SaltAir!

The next day was my birthday. Justin got me these gorgeous flowers :) He spoils me ever year with them! He also bought me a purse, I picked it out but it was still a birthday gift from him.
Later that afternoon we went over to my parents house. Dad made crepes, MMM! We also had sandwiches for lunch. Then mom gives me a small gift to open. Inside was a card that had a cute poem that let me to the chairs in their front room. Behind the chairs was a HUGE box. It was way heavy, but i pulled it out and tore off the wrapping paper. I couldn't help but scream! I was so excited! My parents bought me a Kitchen Aid mixer. They knew I have been wanting one but i never really thought I'd get one because of the cost of them. But they surprised me and got this for my birthday and Christmas! I can't thank them enough!!
I love it! It has been such a huge help making cakes! Thanks mom and dad! I love you guys!
That day I made these cupcakes for a dinner we were going to that night. We decided to celebrate all the November birthdays at one dinner. So we did it on my birthday at the Spaghetti Factory! My favorite place!! I made these cupcakes for Shari, Mackenzie, Jennifer and Justin whose birthday's are this month also.Party Hats!I got these cute boxes to put them in!Justin's cupcakes. I had to make them somewhat boy-ish.The whole group!If this picture wasn't blurry it would be so cute!I wore a white shirt. White shirt + Marinara Sauce = a mess! I always spill anyway!Ryan & Shari! They're so cute. But i think i ruined the cuteness :)After dinner we went to our house and our friends all went in on gifts for us so the birthday kids opened them!Hmm, Marshmallows with a Santa on it??? Gee thanks! I thought they had given me supplies for smores! lolJustin got a really nice Fossil wallet!
It turned out to be a Forever Young Shoes gift card! YAY!Justin, Lindsay & Leeann!
Jen, Chad & JustinThe girls!!
I will post pictures of Justin's birthday soon. It has been hard without a camera. Ever since I went to my cousins baby shower and left my camera there I have had to borrow my mom and dads or someone else has been taking the pictures. So that has been part of they delay. Sorry!
Check back for more!


Carly said...

How fun! I laughed out loud when I saw all of your freaky pictures again. HAHA! I didn't know those were from the Skillet concert...

Anyways, bummer about your camera. You better get it back before you head here in 24 DAYS!!!!