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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Baseball Cake & A Trip to the ER

Well... Here's one for the books!

Last week my good friend Lindsay asked me to make a birthday cake for her husbands birthday which was yesterday. We came up with the idea to do a baseball themed cake, and they wanted a devils food cake with oreo filling. So Monday night I baked the cakes, Tuesday I made the filling and the buttercream icing and last night I got off work an hour early so I could come home and put it all together.
Everything started out great I got the layers put together and sculpted the base of the cake with a knife that we got for our wedding 2 years ago but that I used for the first time last night. I shaped it to look like home plate. Then I iced it with an Ivory/Tan colored buttercream.
Then I placed the half baseball on, which was also chocolate cake just baked in a glass bowl to form the shape. I iced the baseball with white buttercream then put the bead border on in red buttercream.
Next I needed to write "Happy Birthday Justin" and put the laces on the baseball... Well here's where things went wrong....

It was 7:15pm and we were suppose to meet at Texas Roadhouse for Justin's birthday dinner at 7:00. We were already 15 minutes late so as you can imagine I was in a hurry and needed a tip that was in one of my piping bags. So on the table was that same knife I used to sculpt the cake and so I thought "Oh i could use this knife to cut the tip out of this bag" Well there I stood holding the piping bag in my left hand, picked up the knife and quickly cut the tip out of the piping bag without even thinking first. Well knives are sharp, they CUT, duh right??? So I ended up cutting right into my left middle finger. STUPID I KNOW!!

I knew immediately, I didn't even have to pause and look at the wound before I knew I needed stitches. So i grabbed a paper towel wrapped it around my finger and ran into the other room. I had to wake Justin up from his nap by frantically yelling "Justin I cut my finger, we need to go to the hospital NOW!" Justin was up within seconds ans took a look at the cut and said "Yep, let's go." So within less than 5 minutes we were at the ER in Lakeview hospital.

Luckily our insurance started with my work YESTERDAY... Lucky, Lucky, Lucky!
Let me just tell you how bad the pain was when the nurse put the numbing shot directly into the wound! I think I cut off the circulation in my husbands hand... It burned SO bad. But after the numbing medicine was in, I couldn't feel a thing. So 5 stitches later I was headed home to write happy birthday and put the laces on the baseball so I could take this cake over to the party.

It was not easy piping with a gimpy hand... Luckily it is my left hand, but it is still a challenge. You can tell the letters aren't that great

So in the end, the cake got MOSTLY done (I wanted to do more decorations and stuff) and we made it to the party, but missed dinner (which is the part I was looking forward to the most). I was pleased with the cake considering my injury.

I'm glad Lindsay asked me to make this cake! It was fun making the cake... but not so much the stitches part :o) But the doctor and nurse that helped me we very nice and very funny! The nurse has only been a nurse for 1 month!! Crazy, but he did a good job and was very kind. He is also a part time firefighter/paramedic (so it didn't make me nervous).
I think I might take a small break from making cakes... don't worry, not long though! I can only type with my pinky and ring finger on my left hand since my middle and pointer fingers are bandaged together right now. It's very interesting so if there are spelling errors, I do apologize!

Well until our next cake! See you then!


Carly said...

:( Poor gimpy sister. I had to laugh a little though at all of the captions on the pictures. Hope your finger feels better soon. I was wondering how you typed this post with a lame hand. Well I gotta "hand" it to ya (hyuck hyuck) it was a very nice looking cake.