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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Course 2 final cake

Last night I had the final lesson for Course 2 of Wilton cake decorating. We learned the basket weave and actually it was easier than it looks! Then during the course we learned how to make all sorts of different flowers made out of royal icing. Royal icing, for example, is the stuff that you can buy at the store that say {H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y} on it and you peel them off individually and put them on the cake, and they are edible. Same thing..

Melissa and her final cake! So she did a great job!

Stephanie's final cake! So Pretty!
My brother-in-law's 19th birthday was Saturday the 22nd and he LOVES BYU. If you ever see a blue sports car driving around with 2 BYU flags on both sides of the windows, That's Him! I'm OK with this cause I'm a BYU fan also. So I asked my teacher if instead of putting flowers on it that i make it into a BYU cake for Kevin's birthday. She said that it would be fine as long as she saw that I had made all my flowers and color flow birds and If i put the basket weave on the cake. So this is how it turned out... I know it's not perfect, but hey, it's the first basket weave I've ever done!

After class I had to go home and add a Y to the cake. So i cut out a template out of paper, laid it on my rolled out fondant then cut it out. Then i put it on my cake and outlined it with the rest of my blue frosting. I started running out as i was outlining it so it kept sputtering, stupid frosting! Oh well, Kevin LOVED it!

For this cake I wanted to try something different than just white cake. So i made a chocolate devils food cake and then put an Oreo filling in the middle, it was SO delicious! Yum! I will definitely be making this cake again!

Here's my piece of cake, I accidentally took a bite before I took a picture! And i wish now that i would have gotten a picture of Kevin.

Well, I've officially passed Course 2... Now onto Course 3 - Fondant & Gum Paste!



StepherB said...

Lovely cake, Emily! I am having so much fun in the class with you! Hopefully we will do more decorating in the 3rd coarse than hearing about Dunkin and the "Band"! Ha Ha!

Carly said...

I love that cake! You are awesome!