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Monday, September 14, 2009


Well another one bites the dust...

Just ONE week after I cut my finger with a knife and had to get 5 stitches I get a phone call from Justin on Friday at about 11:00 am... Here's how our telephone conversation went:

Me: Hello?

Justin: Hi, what is our insurance policy number?

Me: (as my heart drops) Oh no, what did you do?!?

J: I shot a nail in my hand with a nail gun, I'm on my way to the InstaCare...

Me: YOU DID WHAT?!? Oh you've got to be kidding me....

J: Nope...

What our luck right?? I guess he was framing at a job site and was nailing a couple boards and was holding the board and the nail ricocheted off of something in the wood and went right into his hand, on the top side, right by his thumb.


He said that he shook his hand when it happened and the nail flew out and then immediately blood started SPURTING out of the wound. He said there was blood EVERYWHERE! A line of blood walking to the truck, and while his boss was getting the first aid kit out he stood there and had a puddle of blood in his other hand, then his boss got his blood all over him while he was wrapping it. CRAZY!!


Luckily, all of this will be on workers compensation! I am so glad his work is going to provide that for him. They are so good to us!

So he got to the InstaCare and they did an x-ray to make sure he didn't do any bone damage. The results came back and they said that he hit an artery and that is why the blood was literally spurting out of the cut. But NO bone damage. YIPPEE!! I guess if you damage or chip a bone they get really scared and monitor you like a hawk. Bone damage is very likely to get infected and if you get infection in your bones, you will most likely be in the hospital on drip lines (This is what Justin's boss's wife told me, she is in nursing school right now) Bone infection can result in amputation.

So they cleaned him up and put 6 stitches in his cuts. He had one big one where the nail initially went in and then 2 small ones probably from the nail just going in. So they are basically just skin tares. But his hand was SO swollen! Because he tore and damaged all the muscles where the nail went in plus it was bleeding under the skin.

So they gave him a prescription for any infection that might occur and also a prescription for Tylenol #3 with Codeine (sp?).

I ended up leaving work at about 11:20 and meeting him at the InstaCare. Good thing I did because he didn't have a ride. Plus he was pretty loopy from taking the Tylenol #3 because it makes you really tired. So we went to his boss's house and gave them the workers compensation information and then went home. He ended up sleeping from 2pm until 6pm. He was pretty wiped out! Not to mention in pain. He said it hurt pretty bad. It hurt to put pressure on his fingers Friday and Saturday but today he says it feels fine.

(Look how swollen it is!! Sorry if this grosses people out...)

The doctor who helped him wanted him to come back in 2 days for a re-check of the stitches just to make sure there was no infection. So we went back yesterday. It was a huge mess! The girls up front at the check in desk were new and were trying to make us make co-pays, and they were trying to get us to fill out new workers comp paperwork. But they didn't understand that we were just back for a check-up.

So they said the stitches looked REALLY good and should be ready to come out in 10 days. His hand is still really swollen but it should go down if he elevates it and doesn't use it a whole lot.
(He made me do it!! He thought it was so funny!)
He went back to work yesterday! So he's doing good!

My mom took my stitches out on Saturday. All went well, they hurt a little because the cut is still pretty tender, ESPECIALLY if i accidentally hit it. That hurts! The cut was still slightly open where it was cut the deepest so I am just going to keep some Butterfly closures on it for a couple of days. But it's going to be a pretty cool scare! That's for sure!

So here we are, the accident prone couple... Hopefully nothing comes next! Let's stay away from the accidents for now!


Joe and Raylene said...

Seriously?! How super crazy! I saw your mom the other day and she told me all about it, I couldn't even believe it! I love the pictures, by the way. You guys are one cute accident prone couple!

Melaina and Ben said...

I am glad you guys are both ok! I love how in the picture before you are flipping off you can see a picture of Jesus! HAHA :) Can't wait to see you on Saturday! :)

Emily Ballantyne said...

Ah! I'm so embarrassed! I didn't even notice that! Haha, well it's justin's fault!

Carly said...

YOu guys are so cute. I laughed out loud here at work when I saw you showing us your "injured" finger. You guys are so funny. I was happy to see Justin's battle wounds. I couldn't picture what or where it was. Get better guys! And watch out for sharp things and nail guns :P