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Monday, July 27, 2009

Lincoln's 2nd Birthday

I can't believe it has already been 2 years since my nephew Lincoln was born! He turned 2 on July 20th. What a fun boy he is! My sister and her family were able to come up for about a week and while they were here we had a birthday party for Lincoln on the 18th. Of course i wanted to practice making cakes so I offered to make one for Lincoln's birthday. The theme of his birthday was Disney's "Cars". Every time he watches that movie and the cars are racing he says "GO, GO, GO!!" It's so cute. I had a lot of fun making this cake! So here's how it turned out:

My road sign didn't turn out that great... So i made that the back :)
You can't tell but my silly mom wanted to move the cake more to the center of the table. When she was moving it she totally stuck her finger in the front bottom layer of the cake! She started panicking and luckily i hadn't gotten rid of all of my blue frosting, so i was able to patch it up pretty well. At least it wasn't in the top layer!
After we sung happy birthday, he took the cars off the top (you can see them in his left hand) and then wanted to eat the frosting! He loved it :)
Lincoln playing with a toy car that he got for a present.
There was no better joy than seeing my nephew's eyes light up when he saw his cake. He loved blowing the candles out and was so excited when he got to keep the cars that were on the cake. I think in the end the best part is seeing some one's reaction to their cake. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LINCOLN! We all love you so much!


Joe and Raylene said...

Emily, your cake making skills are incredible! It looks so amazing, good job! I can't believe that Carly has been a mom for 2 years!! Craziness!

Carly said...

I owe you a thousand HUGE THANK YOU's for making that cake! Lincoln LOVED it! It was so darling...even with the finger in the cake and Lincoln attacking the car and me putting it back on the cake backwards :D You are awesome!

Blair and Brenda said...

Two already! wow! Thats what I say about Dylan, Carson, and Shawn too. They grow up so fast. Your cake turned out really good.