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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Parades, Pineview, Kabio & More!

A couple weeks ago Farmington did their annual Farmington Festival Days. So we grabbed some friends and met my family over on State Street to watch the Parade.

My little brother is so cute! He's going to be a junior in High School. What a stud ;)
Kyle and our nephew Lincoln
Nanna & Poppa swinging Lincoln
Last Friday on the 24th of July, not many of us had work. So we decided to go to pineview lake to swim a little. We didn't have a boat but Lindsay & Justin brought their badminton net, and then we were able to cool off when it got hot! We had a lot of fun

Last but not least, Justin's parents got a new horse! Since Abby died they haven't really had a horse to take penny riding with. Dan has a gelding named Chamber but he is only 3 and he's not broke yet. He's bucked 2 people off so we don't dare take him. On Saturday Justin's parents let us take their new horse and Penny to the legacy center to ride. This was our first time taking the horses by ourselves so I'm positives the horses were thinking "Dang armatures..." We probably looked like fools trying to saddle them and get the bit in their mouths but we finally figured it out!
Kabio is their new horse. He is and 8 year old gelding - paint. He is such a well tamed horse! He didn't get panicked at all when we got on him at all and he rode so well next to penny. He reined very well! What a great horse!
Lindsay & Penny

Justin & Kabio


Carly said...

What a fun post! You sure have been busy! And I just now noticed the weirdo picture you have on the side of your blog page...special...

Emily Ballantyne said...

Yeah, you and your 4 inch long tongue! Haha!