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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sick, Birthdays & Family Fun

As you can tell from my tag, i am sick. I'm sorry for the negativity. On Monday the 2nd of March i started getting a sore throat. You can tell when you're getting sick, i was tired, got the fevers and chills often and just wasn't my normal self. So by Thursday my throat felt terrible, so i called the doctor cause i knew my sister and nephew would be here Monday the 9Th for my mom's big birthday surprise. I wanted to be well for it so i went to the doctor. They had no questions about it when it came down to strep throat. So they prescribed me with Ammoxocillin. I thought i was set, I'd be feeling much better by Monday and I'd be able to enjoy two days off with my family.
Well come Monday, i was feeling worse. So i called the doctor again telling him my sinuses hurt and i was very congested. So they called in another prescription of Ammoxocillin and Augmenten. Well today is Thursday... I still don't feel any better. I'll probably end up going back to the doctor tomorrow.
However, i did have a WONDERFUL time with my family. We flew my sister in for my mom's birthday on Tuesday. So we surprised her at breakfast at village inn, she was SO happy. After, we went bowling then that evening just the girls went to the play at Viewmont High, Aida. It was so great!
Tuesday my sister and i went to the hair salon and i got highlights, for the first time in years! It is different cause I'm not use to it but i think i like it. Then we gave my mom her birthday presents, had some dinner then hung out at their house. It was so fun!
Then last night we decided to go to the Bountiful Rec Center to go swimming. Lincoln loves the water! He had a blast! Carly, Marcus, Justin and some of his friends were able to come. We had a great time. So over all this week has been pretty good, but i just can't kick this sickness. Hopefully the doc can help me feel better soon!
Thanks everyone for your love and support.


Here are some Random pictures of Duke we took of him while giving him a bath:


Carly said...

I hope you are starting to feel better. I had so much fun with you guys. Thank your husband for going without a wife while I was up there. I am pretty sure I took up all of your time! Love you!