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Friday, March 13, 2009

Summer... it's just around the corner

I've got the bug today. I'm craving warm weather, swimming, playing at the park, BBQ's, going to the lake (since beaches aren't an option around here) and the sun staying up until 8pm. So swimming suits have been on my mind. I have one cute top that i like to wear but bottoms are an issue. I didn't buy matching bottoms so i need some of those. Then the thought comes up, well i don't want to wear that one every time, so maybe i could get another. Well i got myself into trouble. I was browsing the topic "Modest Tankini's" on and i found myself a whole list of websites with ADORABLE swimsuits. But you got to have money to buy right, so I've been pretty good about restraining myself from buying several of these tops.

But this is for all the ladies who have had a hard time finding a cute, modest swimsuit that they actually like, so ENJOY!

(I found all of these on - SO CUTE & Affordable!)

If online shopping isn't your thing here are some stores that have some cute suits:
Shade Clothing (Centerville)

Spring is only only 8 days away! Yippee, Sun here we come!


Carly said...

Freak!!! I LOVE THAT PINK AND BLACK ZEBRA SWIMSUIT. You really shouldn't post this, because I have no money and shouldn't want something so bad that I would sacrafice gas money for a swimsuit. Thats just not healthy. Thanks a lot :)