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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Just passing it on...

I've been tagged by my beautiful sister... I guess this gives me something to do for a little bit.

1. Where is you cell phone... on my desk
2. Where is your significant other... at home, not working today. I'm jealous
3. Your hair color... true brunette at heart, but as of last Saturday i got highlights :)
4. Your mother... very caring, considerate, silly, creative. Kind of like me..
5. Your father... very smart, hard working, willing to do anything!
6. Your favorite thing... I have to agree with my sister, my family. They are so fun
7. Your dream last night... I was at target looking at the make up wall (Maybe because of America's next top model last night?)
8. Your dream goal... Travel to Italy & have a family in my own home
9. Room you're in... Lobby, at work
10. Your hobby... being creative, sewing, and obviously getting sick...
1. Your fear... being alone in a big quiet house by myself, bears when camping(stupid i know, but everyone has them)
12. Where do you want to be in 6 years... at least 1 kid, with one on the way. In my own house, with a stable career.
13. Where were you last night... At the bountiful rec center swimming with my family.
14. What you're not... well. Something is not right with my throat/sinuses
15. One of your wish-list items... a house that i can paint, decorate and create myself.
16. Where you grew up... Utah
17. The last thing you ate... Pop Tarts
18. What are you wearing... My coat, dress pants, a name badge and flats
19. Your TV... was given to us by my parents for our wedding gift...? (I'm at work, there aren't TVs here)
20. Your pet... is a cute but CRAZY puppy. He's so cute
21. Your computer... doesn't work sometimes and doesn't have the Internet...
22. Your mood... tired, sick, headache but still chugging along.
23. Missing someone... Grandma. Always.
24. Your car... Silver 2005 Toyota Corolla S
25. Something you"re not wearing... a necklace
26. Favorite store... I like target, it's very versatile
27.Your summer... working, and [MAYBE] a trip to Arizona in July?!
28. Love someone... My Husband, very much! and my family.
29. Your favorite color... Pink Pink Pink!
30. Last time you laughed... Hard? Probably yesterday at the pool when my nephew came down the slide and splashed me like crazy. We both laughed WAY hard! Good times
31. Last time you cried... last night when i got home, i still don't feel good after a doctor's visit & 2 different prescriptions.