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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Kyle's 16th Birthday

On December 22, 2008 my brother Kyle turned 16 years old. So everyone beware... KYLE'S DRIVING! (Just Kidding he's a great driver)

For his birthday he decided he wanted to go bowling. Carly was in town for the holiday so her Cody and Lincoln came. We had so much fun!

Later that night kyle opened presents. Carly and I were rude and invaded his room and took some of his things that he already had and re-wrapped them to make it look like he was getting TONS of presents. He was a little ticked that we did that but he laughed after a few minutes. Once he got to the REAL presents he got a shirt and shorts in the Oregon state colors with their logo on them. (He got a couple other things but i don't remember them)
Then we had cake and ice cream... and of course, the camera was out. So camera + siblings = Some PRETTY CRAZY PICTURES!!

Happy Birthday Kyle!


Bunk & Dizz & Moe said...

holy cow carly, can you say long tongue!!! hehe

Cody and Carly said...

OMGosh! I can't believe you posted all of those ugly pictures at the end! That sure was fun...but I look like a snake with my mile long tongue. You need to post that really gorgeous picture of you(the one where you look handicapped:) I seriously can't stop laughing! Everyone here at work probably thinks I am crazy...they should just look at those pics! Love you sister!

Justin and Emily Ballantyne said...

I debated whether to put that one up or not but i opted out... I didn't want to embarrass myself. I had the one where my face looks really fat and my tounge was sticking out but i accidently deleted it (And the pictures are all at dad's house)
We are WEIRD!