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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Christmas Eve & Christmas Day

Christmas this year was so much fun. The best part of it all was family. We were able to spend Christmas with both families. On Christmas Eve we went to the Shepherd side and we had a gift exchange. We bought 5 dollar gifts and wrapped them and then had a right and left story exchange. Although there were some kinks it was pretty fun. Later that night we went up to Ballantyne's house to spend some time with them.
Christmas felt different this year because we wanted to save money. So instead of buying lots of little presents and filling our stockings, we bought each other one big present and 1 candy of our choice to put in our stockings. So it seemed like Christmas morning would be a bore cause we already knew what we were getting. So to make things more fun, and to bring in the feel of Christmas we spent the night at Ballantyne's house. It was so much fun. We ran home, changed into our Christmas pajamas, grabbed our stockings and headed back up to Justin's parents house. We stayed up late watching Christmas movies and helping Cindy wrap up the last of her gifts then went to bed. I woke up at 6:45 the Christmas morning so excited to get up and open gifts. Well i had to wait until 8:30! Gary finally had to go into Justin's brothers room and wake them up cause they just weren't waking up on their own. So we opened gifts with them and then headed over to the Shepherd's.
(Christmas eve Pajamas)When we got there Carly and Cody were waiting to open their presents too. So together we opened our gifts from my parents. My dad handed me a big box to open and then handed Carly a box just a little bit smaller. So together we opened them and to my HUGE surprise my parents bought me a SEWING MACHINE! I was so excited i started tearing up! I love sewing and now instead of stealing their sewing machine i have my own. Carly opened up a goose down comforter with a duvet cover. Carly was so jealous i got a sewing machine, and i was a little envious that she got a down comforter. So about 2 minutes later my dad pulls out two more big gifts from behind the chairs that and hands them to me and Carly. After all, jealousy wasn't necessary because Carly opened up her own sewing machine and i opened up a big goose down comforter. It was so much fun to have that big surprise! Thank you Mom & Dad!!!

(Mom made Carly & I these cute dishes with our last names engraved in them!)
(My parents gave Justin an iHome - he was more excited than what this picture looks like. I think it just caught him off guard)
Later Christmas day, Carly, Cody & Lincoln, My mom & dad and brothers left to go up to my Uncle Gary's house/cabin in Mt. Pleasant where we usually spend new years eve every year. But this year Carly and Cody wanted to join in on the fun so we went a week early instead. Justin and I werent able to go up until Friday night because i had to work. Once we got there We played lots of games and did LOTS of sledding. The hill we sled on is 2 miles long. Once we get back down to the bottom the snowmobiles take us back up to the top for another run!

(This was so cute. Lincoln found the air mattress that we slept on and found out that it was bouncy. Justin kept bouncing him and he was laughing so hard! It was the cutest thing ever! Justin is going to be such a great father someday!!)

(Lincoln getting ready for the snow!)

I am so grateful that we were able to spend the holiday's with family this year. After all, that is what it is all about!


Ben and Julie Schacht said...

These pictures are so cute it looks like you guys a lot of fun over the holidays!

Cody and Carly said...

I miss you guys! We had so much fun with you and the family. My muscles hurt looking at those sledding pictures!