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Friday, May 6, 2011

Reality Check

33 Weeks Pregnant

Today I'm 33 weeks pregnant. My goodness, where did time go? It's already May?! I've been thinking a lot this morning, and trying not to scratch my belly off. It itches really bad! I really have a feeling that these boys are going to be May babies. May 26th to be exact. If that is true, that's only 20 days. 20 DAYS!!! Reality check right there! I'm a little overwhelmed, to be honest.

If I go with June 3rd at 37 weeks, which is when doctors have been telling me to plan on delivering then here's the countdown:

28 more days
8 more days till my sister gets here!
4 more weeks
3 more NST's
2 more Doctors appointments
1 more ultrasound

But who knows when these boys will decide to arrive. This weekend I HAVE to get everything done. I'm such an organized, plan ahead freak. I'm freaking out in my head knowing that I dont have everything. I have to get my hospital bag packed, I have to get the baby clothes washed, I have to go to the store and get the last few baby items on the list. No more procrastinating. I don't know that I would call it procrastinating because it is so hard for me to be on my feet for long periods of time. I should request one of those motorized carts when I go to the grocery store. LOL! But no matter what, I've got to get things done! Keep the gas tank full, get the hospital bag in the trunk, install the car seats in the car, set up the pack n' play in our bedroom, ect... ect...

This is just crazy. I can't believe it yet!!


Jeff and Tat said...

what things do you still need to get?

Heidi and Casey said...

Oh my goodness i haven't read blogs in forever obviously! I can't believe you are having twins:D That is so exciting! How are you doing/feeling? I want an update on things! Is there anything i can do/make for these cute little boys?