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Thursday, May 19, 2011

June 6, 2011

34 weeks 5 days pregnant

We have a date set!

June 6, 2011

Pretty crazy right? I'm still having a hard time believing it myself. That is only 18 more days!

Today we went and saw Dr. L. She came in and the first thing she said was "Baby A still hasn't flipped" with a discouraged look on her face. We kind of knew what was coming. She said that since he hasn't flipped and he is closest to my cervix, and will be delivered first that we have to do a c-section. Unless by some miracle, he flips all the sudden they will probably be delivered by c-section. The likely-hood of him flipping is slim to none. So she set the date of June 6th. UNLESS, I go into labor by myself before then. Which is a possibility. I'd still have to have a c-section. But at this point, they wont try to stop labor with shots, bedrest or anything. She said they are developed enough that they will be completely fine, and will come home with me after my stay. She said the hospital stay will likely be 3-4 days after the c-section.
Right now I am 1cm dilated and 50% effaced(or thinned out). So I'm just barely barely starting the process. But she said that some one progress really fast, but others take their time. So we'll see! It could be anytime!!! Crazy!

I really can't believe I have made it to 35 weeks without any problems. I am blessed. My body must have been made for this! Although I've definitely had my tough days, I make it through them. I'm still working full time, besides the fact that I am down at Intermountain Medical Center like twice a week! Soon to move to 3 times a week. The next 2 weeks my schedule goes like this:

Tuesday 24th: Non-stress Test 2:00pm
Thursday 26th: Appointment with Dr. L 10:15am
Friday 27th: Non-stress test 2:30 pm
Tuesday 31st: Non-stress test 2:00pm
Thursday 2nd: Ultrasound 9:00am
Non-stress test 10:00am
Friday 3rd: Appointment with Dr. L 2:30pm

Then the next monday, the 6th, is my scheduled c-section! I might as well build a fort outside the hospital an sleep in it!! I am down there so much!
We got the nursery all finished!

Now we are just waiting... the funnest part right? I say funnest is a word today, ok? I need to get the hospital bag, diaper bag, boppy's, carseats and stuff packed in the car. Especially since I could go any day now. They are all ready inside, just not in the car yet! I'll get on that one. But the clothes are washed, the house is pretty much clean, the nursery is done, and my sister is in town.

We're ready! So come out, come out where ever you are!


Brandon and Vanessa said...

I cant wait to see these cute little twins of yours!!!