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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Pioneer Stock

32 weeks 5 days pregnant

Yesterday at work, I was told that I am pioneer stock. That I am like a pioneer woman, and I could walk all day and all night, pop these kids out on the side of the road, and continue right on. It's a compliment.

Most people at work thought I'd be gone on bedrest by now. A long time ago actually. To be honest I'm a little surprised too. At this point though, sitting at work in a chair for 8 hours a day, getting up and down to get loan files, things off the printer ect... is tough. It's much more comfortable to be in jammies at home where I can lay down. Especially since my feet and hands are swelling a lot. My work clothes aren't fitting so well. I should be allowed to wear pajamas to work. Haha!

Well today we had an Ultrasound, Non-stress Test and Dr.'s appointment. First the ultrasound went good! Baby A weighs 4lbs 6oz and Baby B weighs 4lbs 13oz!
Um holy crap! They're growing like crazy! No wonder everything is getting so much harder, I'm walking a little slower, and feeling more tired! I'm really glad they are growing so well.

Then the NST was fine. They got me hooked right up and the babies were cooperating pretty good. They did have to do sound wave stimulation again, but this time it was to wake baby A up. They did monitor two contractions during my NST. They were just little and I didn't feel them. Monday I woke up with terrible lower back pains and some really strong, painful contractions! I was worried. But I only had about 3 really strong ones and then they wore off. I still feel some smaller ones occasionally.

After the NST I went and saw Dr. L. She said she is thrilled with the way they are growing. But the fact that Baby A is still breech isn't such a great thing. She said he still has time to flip, but c-section is becoming more likely. I'm preparing myself for a c-section to be honest. I don't think the little bugger will flip, unfortunately. I told her about the contractions i've been having, and she said it is ok, as long as I don't have more then 6 in an hour. So I need to monitor them really carefully. My feet and hands are swollen, she said it's ok for now. Then she checked my cervix. I was nervous for this part thinking I might have dilated a little. Still closed! It's a good thing! But I think her checking me has caused stronger contractions :S Uh oh! Hopefully it didn't aggravate it too much!

So I'm still working, still chugging along day to day, week by week. It's not getting much easier, but the longer these little guys can stay in the better! I'm grateful for every week that they are still in there and healthy!!