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Friday, March 11, 2011

A letter

25 Weeks

[As my update today, here is a letter I sent out to our family this week. And just in case I missed anyone :) ]

Hello Family!

We just wanted to send out a quick email with an update! I'm 24 weeks now and everything seems to be going really well! We had our 24 week appointment and ultrasound today, and both doctors report that the babies are progressing just like they should be. Baby A (who I call Cade) weighed in at 1 lb 13 oz this morning. Baby B (Cole) weighed in at 1 lb 14 oz. They are both still measuring a week ahead of schedule, which is never a bad thing! We got to watch Baby A kick all morning because I just had the glucose drink to check for gestational diabetes. Baby B was just lounging out with both of his arms above his head. Baby A always has his face hidden. He is breech right now laying on his right side, so he buries his face down in my stomach. We haven't been successful in getting a profile picture for 4 weeks now. Baby B loves pictures, just like his mom. He always gives us a good shot!

There is still no sign of twin-to-twin, which means one twin gets more nutrients or blood supply than the other. We were told this morning that the odds of that happening dramatically decrease after about 26-28 weeks, so instead of going to get ultrasounds every 2 weeks, I'll get to go every 3 instead. But now at this point my OB doctor has asked to see me every 2 weeks from here on out. So I'm out at IMC every 2 weeks still. We should get the results from the glucose test within about 24 hours.

We're to the point where Justin and I can actually watch the babies kick. Instead of trying to feel them, they're getting strong enough that we can see the movement. It's really exciting. We're slowly getting things ready in the nursery. But I still feel like there is a lot left to do.

I've attached some photos that my sister and I took together when she was here for my Shepherd family baby shower on February 26th. I was 23 weeks in the pictures, and she was 32. We're exactly 9 weeks apart, but we're assuming they will be about 5-6 weeks apart since I will most likely deliver early. I'm really excited to find out what she is having (since she decided to keep it a secret until delivery).

We can't wait until our boys get here! I hope all is well with everyone! We love you!

Justin & Em