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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Downer Kind of Day

20 Weeks 4 Days

I don't know why, I woke up and was fine this morning. Happy, smiling, laughing at work and plenty of energy

Oh wait... I do know why I all the sudden feel down. A little thing called pregnancy hormones. Oh the joys :)

- Justin's grandma is having a heart valve replacement & 6 bypasses right now. So far so good, but it makes me sad. It actually brought back a lot of memories of my grandma black (my moms mom). She passed away several years ago during open heart surgery. But she wasn't as healthy as Grandma Ballantyne is. She's going to be fine, it's just tough knowing that she had to go through it in the first place, and recovery might be tough. Love you Grandma Ballantyne & Grandma Black

- Work... is not always peaches and cream. Just sayin. Some days I just wanna lay in bed and just sleep. Plus, it's not always easy being the main income right now for our household. Hopefully this will change soon, and get better for us.

- My belly... FEELS HUGE! Everyone tells me they don't understand how I'm 5 months pregnant with two babies, cause I guess I look tiny still. Thank you, it's a greatly appreciated compliment everyone :) But to me, it feels big. Especially now that my pants don't fit. Up until about 2 weeks ago I could get away with wearing my dress pants at work comfortably. As of today... That's not really working out very good anymore. All of them squeeze me, and my belly band is awesome, but even that is getting tight. Just the pressure is uncomfortable around the belly. Once we have a little bit more money I'll invest in some maternity pants. Fun Fun!

- Fatigue... Some days are better than others. But today, I just want to sleep.

- I miss my brother. Enough said. (cause I think if I go into detail, I'll cry) 8 months and going strong though!!

- I swear time is just crawling by. Everything seems to go by soo slow. Except for the weekends of course. Isn't that how it always is? I know right now time is of the essence with these little ones, but I'm just so anxious!

- I still don't know what to name them. Do I for sure like Cade and Cole? Does that suite them and their personalities? And what the crap do I do about middle names? We'll figure it out. Someday.

On a more positive note:

- My husband bought me a Keva Juice today, because he was thinking of me. That's love. He's been so great to me!

- We get to go see the babies tomorrow :) Yay! And I get to ask my Dr the list of questions that I have! That will be helpful! I'll post belly pictures and such tomorrow.

- I get to see my sister & nephew in 16 days! That means my baby shower is coming up soon too!

- No work on the 21st! Boo YA! I love bank holidays!

Anyway... those are my ramblings for today. Days like today are meant to be at home in the comfort of my bed.