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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Such a cute face

20 weeks 5 days

Baby B Profile

This was the only printed baby picture we got today. But we have plenty so it's ok! Their scrap book is already going to be full before they get here! Haha! But isn't that the cutest little face ever? I might be biased but really, that nose is too cute! Just like his daddy's!

Both babies are looking really good! They both weight about 1lb each now, and are still measuring a week ahead! Yipee! They checked other things like their bones, heart, brain, cord and lips to make sure there were no birth defects. They passed! There are no signs of any birth defects! It's such a blessing to hear the doctors say that they look great, and are healthy! During the ultrasound I started to feel nauseated and really warm. I told the tech and she said, ok I'm going to have you roll over onto your left side. Instantly I felt better. It was crazy! She said that as I get bigger and the more weight that is pushing down on my back can do that. She rose the head of the bed a little and said that it will take some pressure off your back while we finish. And throughout the rest of the ultrasound I was fine! I loved that little trick! So now I know if I start to feel nauseated and a little warm to just turn on my left side!

We also saw Dr. L today. She was happy with how healthy I am, and that my ankles aren't swelling at all, and there are no complications. She said I look really good for being 5 months along with twins. I had some questions about traveling, weight limits and things like that and she was able to address them all. Luckily I can still do minimal traveling, like trips in the car, and if they're over an hour to just make sure I try to elevate my feet, keep my legs moving and drink lots of water to keep the swelling down. But we don't really have any plans to go anywhere, it's just good to know. She also said with single babies they say no lifting over 40lbs, and with twins she suggested 30lbs but to pay attention to what my body is telling me.
So... everything is great, and right in line with where it should be! I'm really lucky. I'm so blessed that I'm having a great pregnancy. I know it could be a lot worse! Even though I have just "one of days" every once and a while (like yesterday) things are really great. I know people who go through their whole pregnancy nauseated, with complication after complication. These 5 months have been easy! Yeah, I had a little nausea, but I have been told several times that I'm really lucky that it went away! I feel very blessed! I'm so grateful to be these two little boys mommy. Every day I think about them and can't wait to meet them!

Getting big right? Haha, at least that's what I think!
My sister said I'm still tiny and questions if there is really two in there, even though she knows there is, she just likes to give me a hard time! Love you Sis!


Jeff and Tat said...

You really do look SO good. It is hard to believe two babies are in there, but I am way excited!