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Thursday, January 13, 2011

It's A....

16 weeks 6 days pregnant
Yesterday we had our 16 week appointment. We went and saw Dr. L, she listened to their heart beats and measured my growing belly! She said that they sound great, and we were right on track. After the appointment with Dr. L we went to have a big ultrasound! After being 45 minutes late, due to the appointment that went over with Dr. L and having to register, it was finally time! I have been anxious for this ultrasound for WEEKS! I think everyone else was just as anxious. I was getting texts and facebook messages like crazy!
I laid down on the table, and the AWESOME ultrasound tech put the warm gel on my belly. Within 15 seconds or less, she said "I know what they are!" I was shocked! I had been scared all week that they wouldn't be able to tell yet! After about a minute she told us what they were! I got sooo excited! I laid there and watched the screen they had on the wall, as she probed over my tummy. That's when I felt the overwhelming excitement. It was awesome! We got to see every inch of both babies. Here they are:
Baby A front of face

This is Baby A's profile (even though it says B in the corner)

Baby A's Profile

Baby B's Profile

Baby B's Little Foot

Baby A's Leg
I'm a BOY! (B)

I'm a BOY too! (A)
BOYS!! Yay!! I'll be honest. I was kind of set on girls, I've always wanted girls. But when I saw them, and finally knew what they were, I was overwhelmed with excitement and joy! I couldn't be more happy! These boys are going to be so much fun!!
Baby A is actually on my left side. Right now he's breach. So his head is up by my ribs and his feet are down by my bladder. He was a good little boy when we were looking at him. I think he was sleeping. We got some great shots of everything! Heart, bladder, kidneys, brain, arms, legs... everything! It was sooo cool to watch. Baby A is measuring at 17 weeks 5 days & 6oz. He's right on track. Actually he's a week ahead of my due date!
Baby B is on my right. He's opposite of his brother. His head is down by my bladder, and his feet are up by my ribs. So kind of like a yin-yang! Baby B was more active. He must have been awake. Some of the shots were blurry cause he was moving quite a bit! But we still got to see everything that we did on his brother! Everything checked our just right! Baby B is measuring at 17 weeks 6 days & 8 oz. Which is right on track as well. The Dr. said the 2 oz difference isn't a big deal. But they are still going to watch them closely to make sure that they're both growing equally and getting the same share of blood supply and food supply.
We got 11 pictures from the ultrasound! We also got a 17 minute DVD! The ultrasound ended up being about 45 minutes to an hour total, so 17 minutes of both of the babies is awesome! I'm so glad we have it!!
My ultrasound appointments and my appointments with Dr. L are completely separate. Dr. L wants to see me every 4 weeks right now. So my next appointment is in February. The ultrasound Dr. wants to see me every 2 weeks. WOW! She just wants to make sure they're growing, getting the right supply of blood and food, and make sure they are fine. I guess this is normal for twins to be checked so often. Talk about EXPENSIVE! But I think that's ok, we'll get to see them lots! I'm excited for that! So my schedule is going to be busy! Not to mention I have to drive from Bountiful to Murray for each of my appointments! The ultrasound Dr. told me to plan on delivering around 37 weeks. My due date is still June 24th, but my 37 week mark is on June 3rd! Crazy!
I don't like these pictures, but that's ok! I'm still going to post them!

Both of our families are really excited! Everyone in our families said they were girls except for my youngest brother and Justin's youngest brother, Kyle. They both said "I told you so!" They're really excited for boys. After the initial shock, every one's excited for boys! Girls would have been fun, especially since there aren't any girls on either side, but these boys are going to be SO spoiled and loved. I know it. We all are so anxious to meet them!
My little nephew, Lincoln's reaction was soo cute! My sister works graveyards at the Hospital in Arizona. So when I called them they were both taking a nap. She called me about an hour after the appointment and told me that when Lincoln woke up from his nap, he told his mommy that they were boys. All along he's been saying that Auntie Em is having girls. But today after his nap, he said boys. So when I told my sister that he was right, she flipped!! She was soo excited! Then she told Lincoln that I was having two boys, just like him. She said the smile on his face got huge. Then he said to me on the phone "I was a baby at the hospital, and I cried" It was really cute! It's going to be so fun to have boy cousins to play with! Our boys are going to have 4 boy cousins! And my sister's baby is still a mystery. She's not finding out! So they'll either have 4 boy cousins and a girl, or 5 boys cousins! It's going to be so much fun!
Anyway! I'll stop blabbing! I'm so grateful that I have this opportunity to be a mom to these cute little boys! I can't wait to meet them!


Shanna and Chris Purdie said...

I'm SO excited for you! I Love that you admitted that you wanted girls, but found that you are elated about boys-most girls are too chicken to say what they secretly wanted. I love your honesty.
Do you have any names picked yet?

ken.z. said...

yayyyy! i'm so incredibly excited for you guys! :)

Brandon and Vanessa said...

CONGRATS! hey id love to take your maternity pictures for you for free i got a nice camera and wqqnna practice