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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

150 Days to go!

18 weeks 4 days pregnant
Pretend these pictures are cute, Ok?

According to my pregnancy count down over there, it says only 150 days to go today! Crazy! My guess is, it's less then that since these little boys will most likely come early.

My sister only has 87 days left!! That's so short! I can't wait to find out if I'm getting a new niece or a new nephew! She decided to keep the gender a surprise, so we wont find out until the little one arrives! I think a little boy would be fun, then the cousins would be so close in age! But a little girl is MORE than welcome :)

I have the best sister ever. She is planning me a baby shower, and she's got me SO excited about it, I can hardly stand it! She has a theme all planned out and everything. It's a surprise for me until I get my invitation in the mail. If you know me, I love surprises! So I can't wait!

Yesterday was a little bit of a rough day. Around 10 or 11 am I started feeling sharp cramping pains and having back aches. I was a little bit nervous. This being my first time through, I didn't know what it was! So I was asking everyone I could! I decided at 12:30 that it was time to go home and lay down. On my way home I called my doctors office and talked to the nurse. She had me explain what I was feeling. At first she told me to go to the ER. I kind of talked her out of it. She told me to go home and lay down with my feet up and drink 32 ounces of water, and if it got ANY worse to go straight to the ER. She was concerned because twins is a completely different ballpark, I guess. She said she would consult with Dr. L and call me back. So I went home and did what I was told. I laid down, Justin got me a bunch of pillows, and some water. I watched a little bit of Grey's Anatomy and then fell asleep. Around 3:30 the nurse called me to make sure the pains hadn't gotten worse. I told her they hadn't. She said that it was probably just round ligament pain, which is very common, especially among first pregnancies. The ligaments in the body are stretching so much, it can cause sharp pains in the lower uterus. She told me I need to be drinking 64 ounces of water A DAY! Woah!

Our awesome neighbors had invited us over for dinner last night, I felt so bad, I had to call them and cancel. But they were still so nice, and brought the dinner to us! I'm grateful for good neighbors :) Poor Justin was so bored yesterday. He's been sitting home for a while now, with hardly any work. He loves being busy and having things to do. So to sit home is hard.

The sharp pains started to taper off around 7pm. I decided to get in a warm bath to help relax and ease some of the pain. After my bath, they were gone. Thank goodness!! My boss had told me at work that she has a friend that is 22 weeks pregnant with twins, and over the weekend her water broke! That scares me!! Hopefully this doesn't mean anything, and things will continue to go smooth. No more complications :) That might be wishful thinking, but I might as well keep a positive mind, right? I'm just glad it wasn't anything more serious! Especially at 18 weeks.

We go to the ultrasound doctor to see the little guys again and make sure everything is ok. I'm interested in what the doctors will say. So I'll update you on that once we are done!

We got their dresser all painted! It looks really nice! The color is a little lighter then we though, but I think it compliments the room nicely. I've decided I'm going to put a vinyl quote up on their wall that says:

"Because I have a BROTHER,

I'll always have a FRIEND!"

Have I mentioned that I have the best family and friends ever? The support and love we are receiving is amazing. People offering to throw me showers, buy stuff, help with meals or just anything! I'm so grateful for that! These boys are definitely going to be spoiled!