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Friday, December 10, 2010

Fraternal or Identical?

12 weeks pregnant
Now... That date up there... It was changed today. We went and saw our new specialist today! She's a great Dr. She is very informative and really good at explaining things to us! We never waited for her for one minute, she was quick to get into our room, but when she did, she was thorough and took her time with us.

First we talked about the twins being fraternal or identical. I told her that we haven't established that yet and things were really up in the air as far as the measurements of the twins and the actual due date were concerned. I knew they might back track me. She also talked to us about high risk pregnancy. She said we'll have a lot more ultrasounds, and high risk is more likely to have the babies early, go on bedrest, c-sections and things like that. She said they always try to work around those things, but sometimes they just happen.

Then we got to look at the babies! She looked at them good and long! It was nice to see them. Baby A was all curled up sleeping. Baby B was a little mores stretched out. She was able to measure them at about 12 weeks which puts my new due date at June 24th, 2011. So we took a step backward, but that's ok. We knew it was very possible that it would have to be changed according to the measurements of the babies.
I hate this picture. I snapped it one night on my cell phone. I think I look fat.

Dr. L commented on how active the babies were. She said it's always a good thing! We listened to their heartbeats and they were nice and strong! Then we got talking about Fraternal or Identical again. She explained to us that fraternal is two separate eggs which both get fertilized, and do not share the same placenta or anything. Which we already knew that. Then she explained that there are two types of Identical. Di/Di and Mono/Di. Mono/Di twins are one egg that gets fertilized and splits. They share a placenta, but two different sacs and they each have their own blood source. There is usually a very thin membrane that separates them. This is the most common type of twins. Then there is Di/Di. They share the same placenta and sac they share the blood supply, there is no membrane between them.
Dr. L determined that our twins are IDENTICAL! They are Mono/Di twins so they share the placenta but have their own sac and blood supply. These are the safer of the two identical twins to have! Which means we will either have two BOYS or two GIRLS!

I am way more anxious to find out the genders now! My mom says she keeps having dreams about 3 baby girls on her lap (my sister is pregnant too, so my 2 plus hers). My mother in law has also predicted girls. So we will see! We will have an appointment to get the official ultrasound in 4 weeks! I cannot wait!
Hopefully the ultrasound pictures make sense. I will get better belly pictures on here later! I need to be better at taking them!! I know I'll be mad at myself it I don't do it now!


Shanna and Chris Purdie said...

Thank you for updating! I love reading your updates! I'm excited to see what you are having!

Jeff and Tat said...

You think you look fat!!!!? Are you kidding ha ha. First of all you look way good. I would have no idea you were prego if I didn't already know. Second of all... You ARE prego and you look that good with Two babies!? gee whiz. Many girls would love to strangle you right now im sure :)