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Monday, November 29, 2010

One Step at a Time

10 weeks 3 days pregnant

This morning we had our 12 week appointment with Dr. B, and our last with him. He's great. He first started out asking how I was doing. I told him how nauseated I've been. He brought up the fact that I've lost 2 lbs. He wasn't too thrilled about that, but he said it happens. So he gave me a prescription for zofran and said to try it if the nausea continued or got worse. Luckily the nausea hasn't been to bad since last Thursday! Hopefully it stays that way! I've been able to keep food down, and hopefully will start gaining weight from here on out. He kindly reminded us how expensive babies can be, and joked around with Justin asking him if he had a 2nd or 3rd job yet. He said that one baby is expensive, but two babies will be a whole other ballpark. We're excited, but we've got a lot coming our way! He said that from here on out we would have to see a specialist. Since it's a high risk pregnancy, the specialist is more trained on what to do, especially with two babies. He said that he'd still be on the sidelines and wanted updates of how myself and the babies are doing, but that I would have to see the specialist for the rest of my appointments. It's a bummer that we have to establish a whole new relationship with another doctor when Dr. B knows us so well. But we know it will be for the best.
Then he wanted to take a listen to the babies heartbeats! He had his little microphone looking gadget and we could hear them! They were just hard to distinguish between which was which! So he said we would take a quick peek at them on the ultrasound machine. He wheeled it into the room, and sure enough, you could actually tell that they really are babies! Baby A was so cute, all cuddled up and sleeping. You could see the hands up by the face. It moved a little bit. Then we moved on to Baby B. HOLY COW! It was having a hay day in there! Bouncing around and moving like crazy! It was so cute to see the arms and leg stretching out and it moving so much! It was harder to get a good picture of Baby B since it was bouncing around so much.
Baby A - can you see the profile? The little nose and chin are so cute!
Baby A... Not so sure what this Picture is of...
Baby B - The bouncer! This picture is looking at it from a front view. You can see how the arms and legs are all stretched out cause it's moving so much!
It was the neatest thing to see our babies today. And it was such a relief! I was worried, of course cause I'm a worry wart. But it was just comforting knowing that they are still there, and doing well. Dr. B said they are progressing very well. That there is nothing to worry about. He said there shouldn't be much worry about miscarriage after this point, although it can always happen. I felt good about that. I think they're here to stay :)
So now, we find a specialist... I've been looking all day. First I called the Avenues Women's Center in Salt Lake City. I have heard great things about the Doctors there. I had my appointment scheduled for December 8th and was all ready for it, then the receptionist asked... "What insurance do you have" I told her and she said "Oh I'm sorry, but we don't accept your insurance" I was bummed! So I got back online and looked up a list of doctors that do accept my insurance. There's quite a few. So I'm still deciding. I'll have my decision by tomorrow, so I can call and get an appointment. I hear these types of doctors can be booked up for months! Hopefully all will go well. I got word today that my work may be switching insurance companies here soon. That's a bummer... Cause if they do, then I just have to switch again. We'll see what happens though. I hope it will all work out!
There's so much to think about. Where we're going to live, Insurance, Buying furniture & necessities, daycare, genders, names... So much to do...
I guess we'll just take it One Step at a Time!


Ken said...

I have a name for you..... Kenny :-). I am sooo excited for you.

Shanna and Chris Purdie said...

I am so excited for you! I'm glad everything is going well so far. Keep the updates coming! Oh, and belly picts too!!

Jeff and Tat said...

Your babies are so cute already! I didn't get to see what Braxton looked like at 12 weeks so that is way cool. We can't wait to play with them! And any help you need, or if you just want someone to go with you to stores or anything call me! love ya!