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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Random Dreams!

12 weeks 4 days pregnant

Up until now, I have not had ANY dreams during this pregnancy. They started Sunday night. And boy... They are random! So I have to write them down now, so I can remember them later!

Sunday night: I can't remember where it started... I remember that my one of my best friends, Tatjana, was getting married to Dr. Shepherd from Grey's Anatomy. Dr. Shepherd is played by the actor Patrick Dempsy for those of you who don't know. I might be a little obsessed with him. I think he's good lookin! Definitely McDreamy!! Obviously I was so jealous of her. I remember thinking in my dream, "Well Tat is so pretty, so it makes sense for her to be marrying this well known neuro surgeon!" (seriously Tat :D) So I wanted to be involved in this wedding so that I could tell people that I went to the wedding of Dr. Derek Shepherd! And I would hang out with them WHENEVER I got the chance. I was ga-ga over him! I couldn't believe she was marrying him, but secretly I wanted to be in on the wedding to try to steal him away. But who was I kidding... Him picking me over Tat? Never... But I was still going after it! (Note: Tatjana is married with a 4 month old son -- apparently in my dream this didn't matter?) I remember we were at the temple... and there were chocolate covered strawberries. And water fountains. And little kids sliding down the hand rails. All these random things. It was kind of an all over the place dream. I don't remember where it ended, or where it began. I just remember being totally head over heals for Dr. Shepherd. Haha, WEIRD!

Then last night, it got more random.

Monday's Dream: Mom, Dad, Carly, Marcus, Kyle and I were sitting in the kitchen of the OLD house we use to live in on main street in Farmington. It was night time. And we noticed there were people pounding on the windows in random places, and random times. Dad said he would go check it out. He said that there were scary people outside. We went to the front room where there were big glass windows and it was pitch black outside. Then someone would pound the window right in front of us and scare us really bad! We put our faces up to the windows with our hands around our eyes to see who was out there. All these scary people dressed up in weird costumes. Apparently they wanted to play murderer in the dark. Somehow the front door got open. I remember fighting to keep these scary people out, but they got in. It was now pitch black in the house too. I remember hiding in the front room in a corner by our couch hoping these people wouldn't find me and scare me (I hate being scared) But suddenly the equation flip flopped, I was being blamed for being the murderer in this game. (You know how in murderer in the dark game you use your hand as a knife to cut peoples throats) I was trying to tell people that I wasn't the murderer. But somehow I had this evil side of me that was going around murdering all these people with my "hand knife". I ended up killing everyone and winning the game. I was proud at the end to be the murderer. Then we were all sitting on the porch outside, and there were TONS of people who had just gotten done playing this game with us. We were all just talking, then all the sudden my dog Duke, comes crashing out from under the porch. He had gone crazy, wild, rouge! He had this look on his face like he was out to kill. People were screaming and running everywhere. I couldn't understand why Duke was acting this way. Then out of no where, these vampires show up, and they said the only way they could stop him was to snap his neck, and he'd be normal again. I knew that if they snapped his neck, they would kill him... I was freaking out! Crying and people were holding me back from stopping these vampires from killing my sweet dog (Twilight maybe?) ..... Then the dream ended.

Luckily Duke hadn't gone rogue, and was sound asleep in his kennel, I wasn't playing murderer in the dark and killing all these people, and we DON'T live in that old house in Farmington on Main Street anymore. (What a relief that is, we hated that old house)

It's weird that all the sudden these dreams are vivid, and I haven't been dreaming at all during this pregnancy. But I still wake up in the mornings feeling like I slept SO good. It was hard to get out of bed this morning. I wasn't ready to wake up!

Where do these dreams come from?

I wonder what will be in store tonight! Haha :)


Jeff and Tat said...

Ha ha! That cracks me up! :)