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Monday, December 27, 2010

Baby Bump!

14 weeks and 3 days

Here's the growing bump!

All of my pants, with the exception of a few work pants, are too tight to button AND zip close. Haha, Luckily I have 3 belly bands, which hold your pants up! So I've just been using those. I don't want to buy maternity clothes until I have to. Thanks to my sweet cousin Bridget for giving us maternity shirts! I'll definitely need those!
I found these pictures on my camera. My cute cute mom... She gave this to me around 9 weeks when my nausea was at it's worst. I literally lived off of Sprite! Now, I don't want anything to do with it. I'd rather have water or rootbeer. It's funny cause when I was nauseated, water made me sick. Now I love it! But... it has to be ICE cold or it doesn't taste very good. Haha!
  • Breakfast foods make me drool. MMM!
  • Still don't really care for chocolate. I'll eat a little bit of it, but if I had my choice over like skittles or a snickers... SKITTLES all the way!
  • Fresh fruit is SO good! Especially pineapple.
  • Yogurt tastes really good, but it just doesn't sit well. I throw it up almost every time. Haha
  • Ever since we went to Zupas on Saturday, I'm craving their ultimate grilled cheese sandwich!
  • I've had super bad heartburn. Especially at night before bed. Good thing milk has been tasting pretty good to me lately too!

We find out what we're having January 12th!!! I've made a new voting poll off to the left sidebar of my blog, since identical twins cannot be boy or girl, I eliminated that choice! Go cast your vote!