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Monday, December 27, 2010


This year we had a GREAT Christmas. We go so spoiled!

Here's us getting our Christmas tree out, just after Thanksgiving. Notice Justin in the box. Silly boy.
I love the red and green lights on our Christmas tree! We use 7 strands of lights on this baby!
This year for Christmas we spent the night at Justin's parents house. We ordered Winger's sticky fingers and buffalo wings for dinner, and just sat and talked, and watched A Christmas Story. I fell asleep around 11pm. These babies make me tired!
At 7am, we woke up to Duke panting really hard in his kennel. We figured he needed to go outside, so Justin let him out, then they got back in bed. Around 8am Justin's mom came in and woke us up saying "Santa came! Santa came!" We were excited, especially since I've been waiting for Christmas for weeks now! So we got up, and Duke was SO excited that he peed EVERYWHERE in the house, literally. What we didn't understand, was we had just let him out an hour or less before! There was pee all over in the kitchen and he was running everywhere, so it got all over! Haha it's pretty funny now. But we spent 30 minutes moping the kitchen and spraying cleaner on the carpet, cleaning up after Duke. We let him out 3 times while we were cleaning up, and each time, he spent like 5 minutes peeing! He must have had a lot of water!
After that, we went down and started with our stockings. My FAVORITE stocking stuffer was:
Justin spoiled me. A couple weeks ago we went to Smiths Market Place to get some groceries. We walked into the store and Justin pulled me into Fred Meyer Jewelers. He showed me some anniversary bands and said "I want to get you one for Christmas!" I was happy, and it was quite cute :) But then I looked at the price... Wow. But we figured, if we don't get it now, we never will with the babies coming. So we picked one out that matched my ring perfect and bought it! It remained wrapped under our tree for 2 weeks. I had to keep it a secret tho! So I was excited to open this stocking stuffer!
Justin got an iPhone as his stocking stuffer. We bought it used from a friend. It has to be jail broken so it can be used with T-mobile. We haven't had any luck yet, but hopefully we'll get it to work!
We moved on to opening presents. Justin's parents gave us:
A paper shredder, calendars, an awesome cupcake book, cupcake papers, summer sausage, a knife set, and some other things! We're grateful for all they gave us! (unfortunately I forgot our camera, so I don't' have any pictures)
Then the phone rang about 9:30... It was Justin's brother who is on his mission in England!! We had a great time talking to him. We even got to get on skype and see him! It was really neat!
Then around 11am, we left and headed to my parents house to do gifts with them. My sister, her husband and my nephew Lincoln were able to come up for Christmas this year! So we arrived the same time they did to do gifts.
Lucky Perfume

A Mag Lite Set

A double decker 24 count cupcake holder! YES!

Justin got some new shirts

My very sweet sister gave me a box FULL of baby lotion, shampoo and head-to-toe wash! There was some powder, two nose suckers, and two of those awesome green hospital binki's they give you! She said she has so much left over stuff since she works at the hospital, and she'll just be getting more when her baby comes in April! She also made me two belly bands! THANKS SIS!!
Also in this picture, Justin is holding his Belgian Waffle Maker! We made waffles on Sunday morning, they were delicious! We also got some other things like:
Blockus, wrapping paper bin, blueberry pancake mix and syrup, wallflowers, iTunes gift card, and other things!
We definitely got spoiled!
We got Dad a set of Miracle Blade knives! We gave mom a pair of shoes and a new watch band!

After we did gifts we all sat around. Kyle played his new xBox 360, Justin tried to jailbreak his iPhone, mom and I took a nap, and dad played with some of his new gifts.
Around 3:30 Justin and I headed back to his parents house for Christmas Turkey Dinner. Grandma Sandy and Les came up for dinner! Brenda, Blair and their kids made it also. Then we opened gifts from the names that we drew in the family. We had Kyle, Brenda had us, and Kyle had Brenda. Brenda and her family gave us a cute 5 set picture frame, hot cocoa, a smore set and a pictionary game!
Then around 6:30 we went back to my parents house for my brothers phone call at 7pm! He called right on the dot! We were all excited to hear his voice, but I think he was the most excited! We talked for 2 and a half hours!!! His mission is pretty easy going. His mission president said he could have an hour or as long as he thought he needed. We all got to talk to him together, then we each got personal time too. It was really nice talking to him, but boy... I sure miss him!
Then we had a Prime Rib dinner around 9:30pm when we got off the phone with Marcus. Justin said the prime rib was good. I didn't eat any... it looked bloody and gross, but smelled good. Haha.
We had a great Christmas this year! I love Christmas time. I can't wait for our little ones to be here so we can spend it with them too!