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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Beginning...

7 weeks 4 days pregnant

I'm a Slacker. I can't believe it's been since August! Sorry. I've had so many people tell me that I need to update my blog. But really, not a ton has been going on. Well not up until about 2 weeks ago when we told our Family and Friends that we are expecting Twins!

I want to start writing more frequently on my blog so it will be a story for me. So I can go back and reflect on how it started! So here is the story of how it started. Sorry, it's LONG!

Justin and I have been married for 3 1/2 years. Babies were never a huge topic until recently. I've always wanted children, and the last year I've really wanted one, but have been patient in waiting for my hubby to be ready also. I guess you can say that we weren't really trying. We weren't counting the days, just waiting for it to happen when it was suppose to.

It was early Friday morning October 8th. I have staff meetings at 8am on Friday's so I get up earlier than Justin to get in the shower. I wasn't late quite yet, but just decided to take a test. Out of curiosity. I was expecting another negative, since that's all I had seen for a while. But all the sudden, the faint second line started to appear. I'm sure I had the biggest smile on my face. I put my robe on, and went into the bedroom and turned on the lamp. I said, "Justin look." He was not happy I was waking him up before his alarm. He grunted but then turned over. He looked at the test and said "What does that mean?" In a sarcastic way. And I said, "That means I'm pregnant!" He smiled and said "Well it's not mine, so who's is it?" again sarcastically. I said, well of course it's yours. The next thing he said was "You're not telling your sister." Just 2 months before my sister called me at 12:45am crying cause she had just taken a test and it was positive! She expected that same call from me when it was my turn. But I knew I had to respect my husbands wishes, because there would be wishes that I want him to respect as well. I smiled and kissed him, then went and got in the shower. Really I think he was happy. I know I was! It didn't seem real yet.
I think the first person I told was one of my best friends Kara. Oops... I wasn't suppose to tell anyone, but I was just too excited! She said she bounced up and down in her chair when she got my picture of the positive test. It was fun having at least one person that could celebrate with me.
Over the next month, I was feeling great. I hadn't had any sickness (unlike the first time) and I was feeling just dandy! And boy, it was hard not telling people. Especially when my sister called me about 2 weeks after my positive pregnancy test and asked if I was yet. I had to lie, but it's all out of love! I made my first Dr.'s appointment for October 29th at 9:00am. It was the longest 3 weeks! That appointment couldn't come any quicker. Justin really wanted to come to that appointment, so he had to tell the secret to his boss. He had to swear him to secrecy though, cause his boss is in his parents ward. He told him if his parents found out before we told them, we would know exactly who to blame :) They kept their end of the secret.

Finally my 8 week appointment rolled around. I was nervous, yet excited. Dr. B was very excited for us, since he knows a lot of my family already. He sat down and we talked about a lot of things. Then he started the ultrasound. As I laid there, he panned over my stomach for about 2 minutes and my heart was sinking each second that passed. Nothing...

I said "I don't see anything" and Dr. B said "I know" in a somber tone. Then he stopped and I got excited and said "Look there's the heartbeat!" That was a relief! Then he said "Well, it looks divided, and I'd expect the baby to be bigger at 8 weeks, I just can't see much" So he turned off the machine, and said "We're going to order an official ultrasound to find out what exactly is going on." So they had the official ultrasound set for 2:30pm. Never once did he say the word Twins or multiples i got dressed and was somewhat disappointed. I was hoping to go and everything be just perfect. But that's not always the case. I was bummed all afternoon. We both went to work, and decided we would meet back at the clinic at 2:30. All through work I thought about what could be wrong. I never really thought about things being right. That goes to show how much I really wanted this!

So we met back at the clinic at 2:30 and the tech started an abdominal ultrasound. She had the same results. She couldn't really see much at all. So she stopped and decided to do an internal ultrasound. That was MUCH better!I couldn't see the screen, but Justin could. The first thing she said to us was "Have you guys been doing invitro?" We said no, of course! She said "Well I see 3 sacs, but hang on!" Justin and I looked at each other with wide eyes! We waited another minute. She started measuring a baby and typed "Baby A" then she moved and started measuring and typed "Baby B" At that point Justin's eyes got big and he held up two fingers and mouthed "There's two!" and the ultrasound tech said "Yes, there is two" I was in disbelief. I kept shaking my head like "No way, you're kidding me" then I head a thumping noise. It was the heartbeat of our Baby A. It was 144. I'm told that is good. Then again, it was Baby B's heartbeat. 144 also. It was such a huge relief to hear their hearts beating. It definitely comforted me. The ultrasound tech said everything looked good, but the babies were measuring about 6 weeks and 3 days. Which is appropriate for the date. And that there are 3 sacs, but only 2 embryo's. We weren't sure what that meant. We later found out that that meant that I was pregnant with triplets at one point, but the other two basically absorbed the 3rd embryo. Weird, huh!

So that night we went over to my parents house and I had made little Halloween treat boxes for each of my parents. Inside was a onesie with this on the front:And an ultrasound picture. Their reactions were classic! My mom is a twin. And actually my moms twin sister was at the house too for my Grandpa's 80th birthday party! So they found out the news together at the same time! My mom said "Wait, is this yours? You're pregnant?" I shook my head and said "Yes" and then she paused and said "Wait... There's Two?!" again I said "Yes". Everyone started cheering and my mom gave me a huge hug. My mom and aunts thing was always "Two peas in a pod" So it meant a lot to them! They cant believe that they are going from 1 grandchild to 4 in the next 7 months!

Then we got on webcam with my sister. We just started a normal conversation. Then there was a pause. And I held the ultrasound picture up to the camera. She screamed at the top of her lungs! "WHAT?!? I SEE TWO! Is this your? No, this can't be yours! Really?" She was totally shocked! It took us at least 2 minutes to convince her that it was ours! I had to show her the name on it, and we had to email the ultrasound to her. She was so excited! She's been waiting for this since she got pregnant! We got off Skype, and we talked on the phone for another 30 minutes or more. It's so great to have a sister so close that I can share this experience with! Unfortunately though, I wont make it down to Arizona for her baby's birth, but she said hopefully she will be able to come up for ours and possibly stay with me for a week or so while she's on maternity leave.

The next day was my Grandpa's 80th birthday party. There I gave my grandpa a picture, and he announced it to the whole family. That was fun and a bit overwhelming! Haha. Then later that night we headed up to Justin's parents house to tell them. We did the same thing and gave them Halloween boxes. Justin's mom was scared at first to open it cause she thought something was going to pop out. Justin's dad went for it and started laughing with excitement. His mom wasn't sure what was going on and I told her she HAD to open it now. She finally did and didn't get it at first. Then his dad showed her the ultrasound and she looked at it and said "Your pregnant?" I said "Yep!" then I told her to look closer at the ultrasound. His dad said "There's two!" His mom still looked at the ultrasound and it took her a minute to see the two, but she got it and kept saying "I TOLD YOU! I knew it!" She has predicted from the beginning that we were going to get married and have twins. She was so excited! She called Justin's grandma who had twins (Justin's moms brother and sister are twins) and she was so excited as well! Then we text a picture to his sister. At first I had the wrong phone number! Oops! The title of the picture message was "Call us!" so we got a phone call all ready to talk to his sister, and some guy answers and says "Hi, uh... I just got a picture message from you. It looks like an ultrasound or something and it said to call you." I was confused... The guy was even more confused though! I told him we had the wrong number. I got the right number and sent it off to his sister. It took her a little while to call us, but when she did, they were so excited!! She said she had to show her mother in law to make sure she was seeing two babies! She definitely was!

Then that night, we had friends over for Carmel apples and to watch a Halloween movie! We decided we would play a game. We handed everyone an envelope (with a copy of the ultrasound in it) and told them they couldn't open it until we said. So everyone got their envelope and opened it up. Except for Zack and Nicki who were handcuffed together! Haha! Justin told them the rules were they had to do what it said. So people were a little confused. One of our friends said "Am I suppose to get pregnant?" It was funny :) But then others were yelling out "Oh your pregnant!" I smiled and said Yes, but to keep looking at the picture! Then my friend Lindsay leaned over to me and said "Is there one or two?" I said "Two, but wait, I wanna see how long it takes" Then one of our friends who is expecting said "There's two!" Everyone caught on after that. It was really fun!

It was a long two days! Finding out we are having twins was overwhelming! Then telling everyone too! But it was really fun to see and hear every ones reactions!

The babies are set to come June 11, 2010. But will most likely come in May. Some friends at work are already placing bets that I'll be on bed rest by March, but we'll see!

So far, I've only had minor nausea. The nausea set in at the beginning of November. But it's pretty manageable. It mostly comes at night around 5pm too. Weird... Why do they call it morning sickness then? Sometimes in the morning if i don't eat, then I can feel nauseated, but if I eat pretty regular then it's not even noticeable! The one thing that I can't even stand the thought of is:

Yuck. Even the smell of it makes me sick.

That is the main one, right now at least. Other things just don't sound good, or I don't want them.

Things that are really good to me are:

Dole Strawberry Jello with peaches Cups

Granola Bars

Smoothies from Keva

Grilled Cheese Sandwiches


and Country Time Raspberry Lemonade

It's fun experiencing these things, but the nausea can be hard sometimes! But it will all be worth it! There is so many things to do. We'll have to find a bigger place. We're not sure where yet. Plus there is so much to buy! I don't want to start buying yet though. It's crazy that we have to buy double everything!

We are excited for this fun adventure and can't wait to find out if they are boys, girls or one of both!


Carly said...

HAHAHA I was laughing so hard that the second thing Justin said was "You are not telling your sister" :D That made Cody and I both laugh. I totally understand and do not blame you at all for not telling me.

We are SO excited for you guys. It is going to be SUCH a blast to have 3 cousins so close in age! Grandma Shep said "can you imagine them all 3 years old running in different directions at the same time?" It will be so fun! And we will DEFINITELY be in Utah by then!

And as far as coming to Utah while I'm on maternity better believe I will be there! And probably for more like 2-3 weeks, not only 1. Don't worry, I'll stay with M&D so you guys can have your space but it will be fun to be close!

Congratulations again! We love you and can't wait to compare growing bellies at Christmas! XOXO!

Shanna and Chris Purdie said...

Yay!!!! I am so excited for you!! Congratulations emily

Jeff and Tat said...

Yay! I love the story. I am so so so excited! And.. I LOVE Kiva so we need to go!

Blair and Brenda said...

I am way happy for you two. It is weird to think by the time Marcus and Kevin come home they will be A year old.

Kara Lynn said...

I love this post!! Yay yay YAY!!!!!! I am soooo happy for you. I love you lots and I can't wait to meet your babieS!! BABIES! I still can't believe there are two!