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Friday, December 18, 2009

What we've been up to!

I have been a super slacker. Sorry it's been so long in between posts. It's especially hard when we don't have a camera so I have to bum all my pictures from friends and facebook. But maybe a little someone will bring me a new little something for Christmas :]

A few weeks ago we went to temple square with some friends. Although it was the week when it was FREEZING cold we still had a lot of fun!

Ryan ruined our cute picture

I love this picture!!

Justin's a weirdo when it comes to pictures!

The group!

Back Row left to right: Chelsea Nielsen, Dan Johnson, Ryan Robinson, Zach Johnson, Colby Townsend, Ellen Seely, Antonio Robles and Jamie
Front Row: Jade, Justin, Lindsay, Justin & Me
The girls!

Notice my face. I was standing there ready for the picture, and the boys were intrigued by the snow on the tree, they wanted to jump and hit it so the snow would fall on us. Look at Justin's stance, he's ready to jump and get us all!!

There we go, we actually got it. Justin's hiding between me and Lindsay
I can see up your nose

This is Frosty's House. His name is Frosty Darling. He starts decorating his house like this in October! You have to spend at least 10 minutes looking at it to see and notice everything! It is totally covered! No one else on the street has lights up... I wouldn't want to compete with this! Or, maybe he's hogging all the electricity!

Back in September we had a good family friend take Ballantyne family pictures. I will have to get the rest, but this is all I could fit in an email. We got some great shots of the whole family, Brenda, Blair and her boys, Just the siblings, Just Nephew's, plus more! They are so neat! I love them!

Last night our friend Jamie hosted an annual GINGERBREAD WARS! It was so much fun! Jamie provided the royal icing(icing that stiffens after a few minutes, this is the best for making gingerbread houses) and the graham crackers. Then everyone who came brought candy. We had SO much candy, It was great. Me, Lindsay & Justin N. were on a team. We started making this house, and we were doing the "V" style roof and it kept sliding. So we decided to just flatten it all out, then we added some dimensions. It turned out so great!!!

A balcony and all!!

The pathway is Chiclets!!

Then I took a strainer and dusted it all off with powdered sugar! Notice Lindsay's cute hand-made snow men! I love them!!

We've been so busy and have had so much fun! I will try to be better at posting. I promise. But as for this week I have a ton to do!
  • Lindsay and I are hosting a friend party dinner tomorrow night
  • Pack
  • Bake Kyle a wrestling birthday cake for Monday
  • Clean the car & Check the oil and Tire Pressure
  • Clean the house
  • Do the laundry
  • Wrap Christmas presents
  • and a couple other things!

But once I get these things done, that means we can head out for Arizona! We are leaving Tuesday morning, hopefully by 6 or 7am to spend Christmas with my sister! I am so excited! Dad, Mom and my brothers will be leaving a couple hours after us! So we'll all get to spend Christmas together in Arizona!

Merry Christmas!!


Carly said...

WAHOO!!!!! I can't wait for you to get here!!!

Kara Lynn said...

Those pics of you and Justin are too cute!! I love them :) And the ginger bread houses look like so much fun!! Have a blast in Arizona! And Merry Christmas if I don't talk to you before!!