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Monday, August 3, 2009


We had a little adventure this weekend.
Boondocks Fun Center.
1pm - 12am= SO MUCH FUN!
Enough Said :o)
We rode the go karts about 10-15 times:

Lindsay & I in the 2 seater go kart. I drove this time.
Just chillin' in line.
Bret's excited.
Look at Ryan, he's having so much fun.

Then we played miniature golf 2 times:

Keeping Score.
And laser tag 2 times:The terminator.

Dang. I look tan...

We also went on the bumper boats, played lots of arcade games, went on the 3XD roller coaster adventures & the flight simulators. All for under $20 because we have awesome friends! I'm glad we have such a fun group that we can fill 11 hours of a day with!!


Carly said...

Hey I was just there two weeks ago! How fun! You do look really tan (and your shoulders look very large...where did they come from? lol) Love ya sis!