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Friday, July 31, 2009

Bridal Shower

So I'm sure all of you are wondering what my last cake was for. My good friend Lindsey Sweat is getting married and so we had a bridal shower for her. I had so much fun making this cake. I still have to say the best part is bringing the cake in and seeing the reactions. I'm so glad I was able to go to the shower! There were SO many old friends their that I have missed and I loved that i was able to catch up with them. I shouldn't wait so long to see old friends!
People asked me if it killed me to cut the cake that i spent about 5 hours on. But no, i don't think it does. It's the satisfaction knowing that I've helped and made people happy. That's the best feeling ever.
So on Wednesday evening I started this cake, but first I found out what Lindsey's colors were: Lime green and bright turquoise blue.

My Messy Kitchen. This is a White cake with Strawberry Cream filling, and white butter cream icing.

Getting ready for the bow!

These are the loops for the bow. I had to let them dry over night.
The border is butter cream, Not fondant like the circles and bow.
All finished! I love the way this cake turned out. I'm so happy for Lindsey and Ryan. They are such a cute couple! Congratulations you two!!
Also, I want to thank Kiley for throwing such a fun shower! You did awesome. But we're going to miss you while you are in Brazil. You will be such a strong missionary and will touch so many lives. We love you Kiley!!


Anonymous said...

Em! This is probably the cutest cake I've ever seen. You did an AMAZING job and even though it doesn't kill you to have the cake cut.. it made me want to cry! Keep it up because you obviously have major talent :] I love you and I'm so glad you could make it.. Thanks sooo much!!

Carly said...

I'll bet everyone loved your cake! It is darling!

Kiley said...

the cake was amazing!! Thank you SOOO much for doing that Em! It made the night!... well actually seeing you and having everyone else together was so much fun! thanks again, I'll see you in 18 months! :)

Garth and Stef Nelson said...

It looks great. Good job.