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Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Well I've ventured into course #2 of Wilton cake decorating. And in this course we learn how to make and use Royal Icing & Color Flow. Those are probably terms that you don't understand, but you will once the story goes on.
The first night of class was fine. We continued to use buttercream frosting to make Mums, Rosebuds & Rosettes. Those were fun, but I still need some practice. At the end of class last week we were instructed to make Royal Icing and Color Flow instead of buttercream frosting. So, last night was a little bit interesting.

I got off of work at 4pm and went grocery shopping. Bought my 2lbs bag of powdered sugar and then we had tickets to a bee's game. So we went to the game, had a great time even though they got killed and then headed home at 11pm...

I was ready for bed then but had to make this frosting. So I get all my ingredients out and start mixing the Royal Icing with my little Black & Decker hand mixer.
The frosting was clumping, sticking to my mixer and not blending well at all. The recipe says you have to mix it for 7-10 minutes. About half way through, my mixer makes a weird noise and I notice that the left blade is not spinning.
My Mixer Broke.
So I finish mixing my Royal Icing with one blade. Then I had to move onto the Color Flow...
The Color Flow was even worse than the Royal Icing... And I had to mix it for 7 minutes with only one blade on my mixer. In the end my Color Flow is probably wrong... But OH WELL!
So now that FROSTING broke my MIXER I need to go buy a new one :(
I like buttercream A LOT better!

If money grew on trees I would get one of these:

.:It is a 5 quart stand kitchenaid, 3 attachments, stainless steel bowl with handle, 475 Watts:.

Isn't it beautiful?!

I hear you can get them refurbished for $199.00 instead of $499.00

My Birthday is in 87 days 10 hours and 59 minutes :o) {Cough Cough}

Anyway, That was my adventure last night... It wasn't very fun.

Have a good day!


Cherilyn and McCall said...

they really are amazing.. I got one as a wedding gift. Try KSL though.. sometimes people are selling them on there for cheap :)