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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Final Course 1 cake & Nikkie's Bridal Shower

I've officially completed Course 1 of my Wilton cake decorating classes! Last night our instructor had us bring a cake already frosted so we could put decorations on it in class. Last week we started learning how to make roses. I was struggling. But for some reason last night i whipped those flowers right up! It must have been the consistency of my frosting cause it made such a difference. Our instructor told us that if we wanted to write on our cake to do that first. Well i did my flowers first. Then i decided i wanted to write... Bad Idea! I was nervous i was going to bump my flowers so the writing didn't look very well. So then i finished the cake, put the border, leaves and everything on and felt pretty good about it besides my writing. Then, I really don't know why, i did that UGLY purple squiggle... UGH! So horrible, I think i did it out of boredom because everyone else was still working on their flowers. I will never do it again! Haha!

My Flowers. Of course, they aren't perfect but for my first ones, I think they are pretty good. My edges are really ragged but that will get better with practice.
Our friend Nikkie Brown at work is getting married in two weeks. So we decided to throw her a surprise Bridal Shower. Stephanie and I (who is taking the class with me) decided that we would bring the cakes as dessert for our little bridal shower. So today we decorated Nikkie's desk behind the teller line and then got a bunch of food for her. Cache Valley Bank was nice enough to pay for it too :)
This is Tina. She was really excited to be decorating. But i caught her off guard with this picture. I think she looks cute :)

Nikkie loved her decorations!

My cake on the left, Stephanie's on the right.

Our party!

We also ended up getting Nikkie some gifts off her registry. Congratulations Nikkie & Casey on your upcoming special day!


Kiley said...

my stepmom works at cache valley bank! ... in logan though! which one do you work at?

Carly said...

I am so glad you said you didn't like the purple squiggle...i was thinking the same thing but I didn't want to say it lol! I love your cakes! You are doing so awesome!