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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Some cute pictures!

I have some very cute pictures I want to share :0)

I hope it doesn't embarrass anyone:

Justin and Melaina (Larsen) Rogers

Justin and Melaina

Melaina, Justin and Jalene Bouwhuis

TJ Gill, Justin and Jalene

Melaina, Jalene, Kevin Ballantyne, and Justin (I'm not sure who the 3rd boy is)

Prom 2006... High School Sweethearts

P.S. Aren't his cheeks so cute!?!
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Carly said... cute!
I love the picture of Justin sitting by the couch in the camo shirt. I can totally see your children looking like this.

Justin and Emily Ballantyne said...

I sure hope this is a good thing that our children will look like this :0)

Jalene Bouwhuis said...

Hahaha cute!!! Oh my gosh. I loved my childhood. Those pictures make me so happy. The third boy in that picture is named Corby. Man, we had so much fun. Justin was always like a brother to me. And I was such an awkward looking child. :D

.M@k3nZ!e. said...

hahah, these pictures made me laugh. i remember those days...

B&M Rogers said...

Oh my gosh!!! Ha ha! Man me and Justin were bestest friends ever when we were little!!! Ah so many good good memories!!! I love it!!!!!!!! :) hahahaha i have all these pics i love it!!!