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Friday, April 24, 2009

Some weeks are better than others

Everyone has bad weeks... Unfortunately mine was this week. Although I'm doing better now let me explain to you how it went.

Monday was FABULOUS. Woke up, got ready and came to work. After work we got home then went and met up with some friends. We had a great time. That night we went to bed...
At 3 am i started waking up with horrible dizziness. I thought it was maybe a dream, maybe even my medicine (Birth Control - no little tykes quite yet). But then when i kept waking up every hour having to put my head between my knees i knew something was wrong.
I was able to tough it out until 7:00 am when my alarm went off. So i called my mom and told her what was going on and right away she said "Em, you have an inner ear infection or vertigo. Call the Dr and get an appointment with him."
I wasn't too keen on missing work, so hoping it would go away if i layed in bed a little bit longer. I got out of bed and i couldn't even walk in a straight line or I'd fall over and have to catch myself on something. I realized that if i couldn't even walk straight i couldn't drive from Bountiful to Layton to go to work. So i agreed with my mom and called the doctor. They were able to get me in 20 minutes later, so i quickly got ready, my mom picked me up and i went to the doctor.
After i got all checked in, and into my room the nurse came in and took my blood pressure and noticed that my whole body started shaking. Panicked, the nurse ran out of the room and grabbed the Doctor out of another patients room. They laid me down on the table, and the Dr noticed i was really pale. He made the nurse run out and grab the equipment to take my blood sugar. She came back and poked both my left and right middle fingers for blood. It was at 77. Which isn't too low. So the doctor put a sucker in my mouth and ordered the nurse to get a shot of promethazine (i think that is what it was called) ready. He started checking my ears, mouth, eyes, and breathing. The nurse came in, shot in hand and said "Roll over sweetie." She stuck me right in the butt!

Man, that stuff was thick! It felt like they were injecting me with peanut butter! After they got the shot in, i started to calm down. My body wasn't shaking and my heart rate slowed to a normal pace. The doctor did a few more tests and confirmed all this was due to an inner ear infection. The shot made me soo loopy, i could hardly walk, or think right. So my mom came up to my room and got me, walked me out to the car and took me home and put me to bed. I slept the WHOLE day. The shot made me so tired i was oblivious to everything happening around me. I know i got a phone call from someone at work and i answered it but who knows what i said to them! Haha, how embarrassing!

Anyway, so i stayed home Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday with horrible dizziness, and nausea. Finally today i feel better. Not as much dizziness and no nausea. But man, inner ear infections SUCK! Today is the first day I've been out of my house in 3 days. I would have never thought that an inner ear infection would effect your body SO much. But I'm glad that I'm finally starting to feel like a normal person again.


Carly said...

:( I am sad for you, but glad you are feeling better. I wish I was there to take care of you. Miss you sister! Hopefully you will be headed my way for a vaca in a few months! Love ya

Kiley said...

aw em! thats terrible! I'm glad you're feeling better, and sorry you were so sick!