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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Quick Update

I know it has been a while since I updated. But not to much has been going on besides our busy work schedules. I have been so busy with a new member banking program at work and Justin has been busy doing snow that we haven't had much spare time.

But we did have a great Valentines Day weekend. On Saturday Justin got up early to snow blow but got home around Noon. When he got home he took me to Joy Luck for lunch, and then he decided with his friend Zack that we would all make dinner together then go see a movie. So Zack and his date arrived around 7 and we all helped make Spaghetti, Salad, and Garlic Bread. It was yummy! Then we had a pie from Marie Calendars. It was nice just to sit around our kitchen table and talk instead of competing with the noise at a restaurant. After dinner we played a card game and then left for the movie theater in Salt Lake. We went and saw Taken and i must say... That move is INTENSE! I loved every minute of it. (Thanks Sis for recommending this one to us!) I advise everyone interested in seeing a good movie to see this one. Justin loved all the action in the movie so it was good for everyone.
Monday I had the day off. So Justin left at 7:40 (After missing his alarm and sleeping in :) for work and i thought I'd be bored all day cleaning or just watching TV but Justin came back home at 10am! So we had all day to make plans and do something. So we called his mom and decided to go see the horses and go riding. So we went over to the horse corral for a little bit and then we took them up into the mountains. Well my mom called me and wanted me to go to lunch with her and my two aunts. So of course i decided to go with them. So Justin stayed and played in the mountains and rode the horses and i went to Mimi's Cafe with Mom, Aunt Leah and Aunt Janell. It was fun!
So we had a pretty good weekend, but other then that, not to much is going on. We hope everyone is doing well! Keep in touch!