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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

It's been a long week!

Last week and into this week was a hard one! First the week started off with our brand new washer breaking :( We think a water line got air in it and blew one of the pipes. Luckily we have a one year warrenty so we got the part free and they did free labor also. But it took a whole week for it to actually get fixed!

(of course this is not our house, but this is exactly the same set as ours)

Then, Wednesday I find out that my brother broke his nose :( But the way my sister first told me about it first scared me to death. I thought he had gotten in a fight cause she said "Marcus broke his nose, he got hit." My first thought was "Oh no, he got beat up." But thankfully that was not the case. It was just a mistake. He got hit on accident with a metal rod in the side of the nose. Now tomorrow he has to be put under anesthetics and get surgery to put it back into place. He broke his nose only 2 days before my parents left on their 7 day Disney Cruise to the Bahama's. So now my parents wont be home for the surgery. But me & My grandparents are going to take good care of him.
I'm very jealous that my parents are in the Bahama's right now. So on Sunday we made dinner for my brothers and then afterward we made gingerbread houses and watched The Grinch.
Here's Mine:

(Can you tell where i want to be right now?)

(this is my palm tree made out of a pepperidge farm pirouette stick and then i just cut the leaves out of construction paper. Yes those are bannana & pineapple runts!)

(my umbrella & pool)
So continuing on with last week. On Thursday i had to go to the dentist. I don't like the dentist but i'd rather go then have bad teeth. They did two cavities one on the bottom left and one on the bottom right. So my whole bottom jaw was completely numb. That ruined my day. Then the next day i couldn't eat any solids because my jaw was so sore from the 7 shots i had on one side and the 5 on the other. That was not fun.

That night when i get home from the dentist we got some pizza and i went to get the ranch dressing out of our fridge and NOTHING was cold. Great... Just our luck. First the washer, now the fridge. So 4 bags of ice and 3 coolers later we are stacking food into the coolers and calling our landlord to tell him about the fridge.
He tells us he would be over in 15 minutes. So in the meantime we are scrabbling to hide Duke's water & food bowls, his millions of toys and any other evidence of the dog. I ran Duke up to the in-laws really fast to get him out of the house. (We aren't even suppose to have a dog in our appartment, hehe) Our landlord comes over and looks at the fridge and tells us to unplug it and let the compressor cool off cause it was really warm. So we let it cool over night and plugged it back in the next morning. Still... nothing. It was generating warmer air then the temperature of the house. So we call him back and tell him nothing is working so then he has to call a matinence guy to come look at it. Well we unplugged it until the matinence showed up and says the fridge had to be plugged in for more than an hour for him to do his inspection. Crap! So we plugged it back in and he told us that if it didnt start to produce cool air instead of hot within 3 hours that he would call the owner and tell him the fridge is a gonner. Of course it is! This fridge is older then my dead great grandpa!

(this is pretty close to what our old fridge looked like - the color was horrible!)
So now it is Saturday, we feel like rednecks living out of coolers that we've stacked on our front porch to keep them cold. The manager calls to tell us Saturday morning and says that she is going to get us a new fridge but that they don't deliver on Saturday's or Sundays. So we had to wait until Monday of this week to get our new fridge. Now that we have it, it is SO nice but it was SUPER inconvenient trying to keep our food in coolers, not to mention the huge amount of frozen food that we lost. At least we didnt have to pay for the new fridge though!
I didn't know how stressful it would be to take care of my brothers while my parents were gone. By all means, they are old enough to take care of themselves but for the cleanliness of the houses sake, I have had to check up on them. Of course, they are boys and at 17 & 15 not much cleaning gets done. So i've made sure the house has stayed somewhat decent. I'm sure mom doesn't want to come home from her vacation to a whole bunch of cleaning.
Also it was somewhat stressful cause Marcus was suppose to have his surgery on Tuesday but they had to change it to tomorrow. So we had to call the school to excuse him for a different day, we had to call grandma and grandpa to let them know about the change and all the other little details. It's been crazy!!
It has been a long week & a half. But i think things are finally slowing down, and our bad luck is going away. (Knock on wood!) I hope all my stories made sense, but sometimes we only focus on the positive stuff on these blogs. I'm so glad the holiday's are coming! I get to see my sweet sweet sister, brother & nephew in only 7 days! Yipee!!!! I cannot wait to hear Lincoln say my name in person! I love the christmas season, i love being together with the people i love, and i love the true meaning of christmas!


Ben and Julie Schacht said...

Oh my gosh emily! That does sound like a horrible week. Well I hope things get better for you this week.

Cody and Carly said...

:( Your troubles make me sad sister! I am glad things are looking better...and look at it this way: ONLY 7 days and 18 hours until you see us!!!! YIPEE! I am so excited. I can't wait! Love you.

P.S. I love the pictures in your blog. It is so cute how you have one for every story, even though the pictures don't belong to you!