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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Adam's Canyon

On Saturday 8-30-2008 we went hiking up Adam's Canyon in Fruit Heights. It was a LONG 5 mile hike but we had so much fun. The first part of the trail is sand, and it just winds back and fourth... that was the HARDEST part. Then once we got into the actual canyon my legs hurt so bad from the darn sand that it made the hike up to the waterfall so hard!

Before you get to the big waterfall at the top, there is this little one. It is fun to play in!
If you ask Justin, he'll say that i whined - A lot. I'm sure did but i think at the beginning i pulled a muscle in my left leg, so it was killing me going up all those hills and climbing over trees and up rocks. But I made it!

It was very worth the hard effort once we got to the top!