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Thursday, August 7, 2008


Hi Everyone!
We have a new member of our family...No, I'm not pregnant - Instead we got a puppy! Which is pretty much like a 2 month old baby but a lot more fun (just kidding). On sunday we went and picked up this precious little pup. The previous owner had too many dogs in her home up in Ogden. Ogden City only allows 2 dogs in the household. She had 4. We found him on because we were looking for a puppy. We found him and called right away. From the moment we walked in we fell in love. He is the sweetest, most fun puppy ever! He is a 3/4 boxer, about 9 weeks old and just so much fun to have in our home. We didn't anticipate this much work but it's not too bad. Justin has been such a great help in getting up in the night to take him out to the potty. I've offered to do it but he is always the first one to jump up and say "I'll do it." Duke has only had 2 accidents in the house since we got him and that was probably our fault for not taking him out when he woke up and right after he ate his dinner. But other than those to accidents he has been soo good about waking us up with a little whine at night to tell us that he has to go. We found that if we play with him really hard for about an hour before he goes to bed that he will sleep through the whole night until about 6am. For some reason 6 am is the magic time because he wakes up at that time EVERY morning. That's not necessarily a bad thing but if he just waited 1 more hour we would already be awake to get ready for work. Oh well, if you gotta go, you gotta go! Right? Duke is the King of our love sac. He sleeps on it all day! He loves the thing more then his own bed!

One night Justin took him out at about 1:30 and since they were both half way asleep Justin didn't realize that he laid in his own poop until he got up at 6 to take him out and notice that his bed smelled pretty gross. So we investigated the kitchen (which is where he sleeps on a huge pillow) for a pile or wet spot but we found nothing. Then i checked his feet and noticed that there was brown all over his torso. So at 6 am we were giving him a bath and spraying his bed with febreze. After that we all just went and crashed on our bed for the 45 minutes we had before we had to get up for work.
We had a little bit of a hard time naming the little guy. It was probably 3 days after we got him that we finalized the name, probably because i put it on his registration at petco as Duke. We were debating between Chevy and Duke. We were leaning towards Chevy but Justin's boss and his family said that Duke is perfect and suits him well. So that's what we went with. He's not quite use to the name yet because he doesn't come when he is called all the time but i think he'll get use to it. He loves to play with his toys, he'll fetch and play a little bit of tug-o-war with you. He also loves playing with Justin's parents dogs, Shady and Harley. Harley doesn't really like Duke because Duke sits and taunts him. Duke will tease him because he knows that he is bigger than Harley. Hence that Harley is only a Chihuahua. Shady loves to play with him tho!

We want to thank my brother Kyle and Justin's mom Cindy for watching Duke this week while we've been at work. Hopefully he will do well at home next week on his own (I'M TERRIBLY NERVOUS FOR THIS!)We love Duke so much, and spoil him to pieces but he's our little baby boy!


Cody and Carly said...

Dude, you need to blog again...I keep looking to see if you have posted anything new...I feel out of your loop. Love you sista