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Monday, April 11, 2011

I'm still alive!

29 Weeks 3 Days PregnantSorry it's been a while since my last post! Not too much has been going on. Well ok, some things have been, but there haven't been a lot of pictures to document! So we'll start on February 26th. One of my best friends, Tatjana threw me a baby shower! It turned out so great and I owe her! It was so nice to see old friends, catch up and have a good time! We had some way yummy food, then we played some games. One of them were jars of baby foods with the labels taken off. We had to guess what they were. Guess how many I got right... ZERO! Haha! I thought I had at least one of them, but boy was I wrong! Then we played a matching game and got some fun candy that coordinated with the word! I got some great gifts, really I got spoiled. I'm so lucky to have such great friends that support me and my family! I love them all! Thanks to everyone who came, and to everyone that has sent gifts that couldn't make it. It means a lot to me!

On Tuesday April 5th our really good friend Jalene Taylor with J. Taylor Photography did my maternity photos! Holy cow I'm SO excited to see them! She posted a little sneak preview on my facebook last night, and I can't wait! She does such a great job, and she makes the shoots fun and exciting! I love her!

Then on April 7th my work threw me a shower! That was fun! All the girls from work got together and we had some delicious Sweet BBQ Pork sandwiches. They were heaven! And once again, they all spoiled me. Mostly with clothes, which is exactly what we need! We now actually have clothes in our dresser and closet! It was so fun! I'm so grateful to friends who care about us and support us! We are very blessed!
Also on April 7th, I had a check up with Dr. L. Even though I waited in the lobby for 45 minutes, then in the room for another 45 minutes we had a good talk. We talked about breastfeeding, birth control after the babies come, who their pediatrician was going to be, and some other important things. She is glad that I am willing to do my best at breastfeeding, but that I'm not against supplementing. Breastfeeding two is not impossible, but she said that it would be a challenge if that's all we were doing. So I feel good about the decision to supplement when needed. She also checked my cervix. Luckily my "seal is still tight" :) (I think that's a pretty decent way to put it right?). My hands, legs and feet are a little bit swollen, but nothing too bad. They don't look like balloons yet, so that's good!

Then on Friday April 8th we had a measurements ultrasound. The ultrasounds are getting really tough to determine what is what now. They are getting cramped I guess! Haha, but they are still looking really good! Still measuring a week ahead! Baby A weighs 3lbs 1oz and Baby B weighs 3lbs 2oz! That's 6 whole pounds of baby in me! Isn't that CRAZY!? I think it is. But can you imagine what it's going to be like when they each weigh 4 or 5 pounds! That will be fun... I emailed pictures to my brother who is on his mission and his only reply was "GET IN YOUR BELLY!!! That's huge!" Haha! I got a good laugh out of that!

For the most part I'm feeling pretty good. There are days or times (like at night) when I feel uncomfortable. But that is to be expected. And my heartburn sometimes is out of control. I don't care for heartburn at all! My ribs are still hurting, and I don't think I'll get relief from that until they are born. The last week or so my hips have been hurting at night when I sleep. So I flip and flop all night long. That's fun... It's hard to get comfortable, but I can deal. I love feeling my babies move. They're crazy little buggers! They mostly move just after I wake up, in the morning or from a nap or whatever. Then after meals, or just completely random times during the day. Mostly when people aren't around... of course! When people are around and want to see them move, they don't do a thing! Haha!

Well things are coming together. I've got their diaper bag started, and also my hospital bag. It makes me feel more organized and ready if something last minute were to come up. The nursery is looking good. Instead of a changing table or rocker, we went with a 9 cubical sorter with light blue storage bins. It looks really cute! I just need the bedding, and then I'll feel like the nursery is complete :) I'll be sure to take pictures when I have the bedding and everything done!

On another note... MY SISTER IS IN LABOR!! Yipee!! I think waiting to find out what her baby is has been one of the hardest things! But she's been loyal to her word, and didn't find out. It just makes this day even more exciting! Her water broke at 2am this morning, and unfortunately her contractions slowed from every 2-7 minutes to every 15 minutes :(. We were hoping that would only speed things up. But she's still just hanging out at home, in fact she just went to Walmart and got groceries! She's a trooper! We can't wait to meet their baby! My mom is a little bit bummed that she can't be out there for the delivery, since they don't fly out until the 19th. But at least she gets to see them in a week! I don't know when I'll get to see them :( I just CAN'T WAIT!

It's going to be a great day!


Jalene said...

aww you're so sweet! i will have your photos for you soon! i love you guys too!