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Friday, March 25, 2011

Q & A

27 weeks pregnant

This many not be the most fun post ever, cause I don't have any new pictures. But here's the update!

This week I had an Ultrasound and also saw Dr. L. The ultrasound was just fluid measurements, so we didn't get the weight or anything on the babies. The fluid measurements were just fine. We did notice that Baby B has flipped again! So now they are both breech. From what I've been told if, Baby A is anything but head down, they wont even attempt a vaginal delivery. So Baby A needs to be the ones doing the flips! Not Baby B! Oh well, we've still got time. After the ultrasound was my appointment with Dr L. When the assistant took me to my room she informed me that it was my lucky week! From here on out they will check my cervix every 2 weeks. They do it as a precautionary with twins to make sure I'm not dilating or thinning. Joy.

Luckily Dr. L said that I am still fully closed and strong! Yay! I think if I start to dilate at all they will put me on bed rest. I'm determined to go another 2 appointments of not being dilated, that's a month! I feel great, so I just might make it :)

My sister is 36 weeks today. I can't believe how fast it is coming for her! She's going to have a baby anytime now! She was 1cm/70-80% effaced at her appointment this week, so her body is definitely getting ready! I can't wait to meet her little one and find out if it's a girl or a boy! It's going to be soo fun!

I'm going to do a little Q&A of the most popular questions I get asked, I have probably answered most of these in previous posts, but just for kicks:

Do twins run in the family?
Yes, my mom is an identical twin and Justin's aunt and uncle are twins! So it most definitely runs in our families!

Did you do fertility treatments? (there was a med student who listened to the babies heart beats this week who asked me this question - along with several other people who have!)
Nope! All natural :)

Do you have names picked out?
Yes, Cade & Cole. Baby A is Cade & Baby B is Cole! As far as middle names we'll either do Cade Justin Ballantyne & Cole David Ballantyne or we'll do both as David! We'll see

Are you going to dress them the same?
Absolutely not. I think this is Justin's biggest pet peeve. We will most likely put them in the same shirt, different color, but we will NOT put them in the exact same outfits. Justin wont allow it, haha!

Is Justin excited? How is he feeling?
Honestly I think he is more anxious then I am! I spend 24-7 with them, feel them move daily, and get to experience who they are already. I feel like I know their personalities. Justin doesnt always get to see them move. Whenever I tell him to look at my belly or feel, they stop... Of course. But we've had some good times! The other night he had his head laying on my belly and he started getting kicked in the head! It was great. He's really excited, but naturally we're both equally nervous! He's going to do great!

Have you had any weird cravings?
Actually, no. But I will say that when I set my mind on something that I want, I want it now. Haha! The other day one of my co-workers walked in the bank with a king sized Kit-Kat bar. I had to have one! And then the next morning, all I could think about was the fruit tarts at Kneaders. I didn't go get either of them but still when my mind is set, I really really want it! Luckily I have a little self control for all the sugar cravings!

How early do you think they'll arrive?
I don't really know. I'm keeping my legs crossed for as long as I can! Doctors have said plan on delivering around June 3rd which is 37 weeks. That's 10 more weeks. I got this!

Do you play music for them?
Um if you count blasting Rihanna in the car then yes. Lol, I love Rihanna right now for some reason! No -- really I haven't done a lot. One night I did turn my iPod on some lullabies and put it down by my belly while I fell asleep. I think they were already asleep cause I didn't notice movement, but I like to think they enjoyed it :) Even I like lullabies!

Are you going to breast feed?
Yes, I'm going to try my hardest! I'm not opposed to supplementing at all though! So I'll breast feed and pump as much and as long as I can! I think pumping is beneficial because it keeps up the milk supply, and it allows others to help with feedings. So I'll definitely be investing in a good breast pump!

Are you going to do photo shoots/a birth story?
Yes! I'm SO excited! We have decided to go with a great friend of ours, who Justin grew up with -- J. Taylor Photography! Jalene has even said she'd be more than willing to do a birth story for us if everything works out (if I go c-section only Justin can be in the room). At first Justin wasn't so sure about it. He just wanted him and I in the room, but after thinking about it, he thinks it would be really great to have Jalene in the room (up by my head) to get the pictures we want. We all know Justin doesn't like taking pictures, so we need someone to do it :) Plus I know Jalene well enough that I feel comfortable with it, and know she's going to do great! We'll do maternity photos soon and then a week or two after the boys come we'll get newborn pictures done too! I can't wait!


Carly said...

Cute post! I'm loving all of the answers...I think I have asked you all of those questions LOL.

P.S. Thanks for sharing my cervical information with everyone LOL! JK...I really don't care! I'm getting excited to meet this little one too!