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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Missionaries and such

Lots has been going on lately. We've been busy getting ready to send two missionaries on mission. We just sent Justin's brother Kevin on a mission on Thursday. We had a great night at his parents house for the setting apart and saying goodbye to Kevin. We know that we will be blessed for his service to the people in England and we know he will touch many hearts and bless many people. We miss him already. If you want to get updates on Kevin his blog address is:
Then we just went to the temple with my brother to get his endowments out. His farewell will be May 30th at 9:00am at my parents church. He is going to the San Fernando California Spanish speaking mission.

My sister is silly, She insisted on peeking into the picture! Goof Ball!

Something was really funny, I don't remember what haha!

I've been busy preparing and getting ready to make wedding cakes. I actually just finished my first one today!! It is such a huge accomplishment! It was a great success! Go to my cake blog to see the cakes and things I've done lately!