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Friday, January 8, 2010

Shepherd Family Pictures! And Christmas!

We had a great Christmas this year! We had the opportunity to go down to Arizona and spend it with my sister, brother-in-law and nephew. They are so cute, We miss them already!

We decided that we were going to leave the morning of Tuesday the 22nd. But when my dad heard on the news that there were suppose to be bad storms through Cedar City & Flagstaff we decided to leave Monday night. We all worked Monday, so we already had a full day, running around packing and things like that then we left at 9pm and drove all night. It was probably the craziest thing we've ever done. I thought it was terrible. Justin was such a trooper. He drove the WHOLE way. I stayed awake most of the time, all but two hours. Luckily we were following my parents and we had 3 people in each car so 2 people were awake and 1 was sleeping.

We finally got to my sisters house at 7:15am. We were all exhausted, but we were so excited to be there. After a 3 hour nap we got up and the fun began.

While we were there my sisters friend, who she works with, took some family pictures of us. I think they turned out great. These are only some of them, I can post more later when I get the CD from my sister.

I love my family. We have SO much fun together.

My sister on Christmas morning. Doesn't she look good!? (That's because we waited for her and my mom to put on make up and do their hair!)

I gave my sister a waffle iron for Christmas, She was so excited!

Lincoln looking at his new movie!

I should have woke up and done my hair and make up, I look TERRIBLE. But oh well, it's Christmas right!!
My brother Marcus gave me these things for my cake decorating :)

I surprised Justin with a new cordless drill! He loved it!
Justin surprised me with a digital camera, obviously we don't have pictures of that cause we took these pictures with the new camera. I love it!

He also bought me my favorite perfume!!

We gave Lincoln some books

Marcus gave Justin and I a DVD holder. We've needed it so bad!!
Later that day we just sat around and spent time together, we played games, ate a YUMMY dinner prepared by my wonderful sister & parents.

This is Lincolns nightly routine, he has asthma so he takes a breathing treatment to help while he sleeps.

Such a good boy!
Carly got into nursing school this year. She was excited to have a whole bunch of Guinea pigs around to practice putting IV's in and taking blood. She did very well! I wouldn't let her do it on me tho. I don't care for needles

Then kyle... Well my sister let him practice on her. Kyle is in a class right now in high school to become a CNA/Doctor. He loves this stuff just like my sister.

He's intently trying, my sis is such a good sport!

This was the result in kyles try at putting an IV in my sisters hand. He popped her blood vessel. It got worse every hour! Hehe, good try tho Kyle!
Ok... These next pictures have an explanation. My sister and I get in these moods...
Weird moods...
Playing ticket to ride-- and looking like death!

I don't know if i will ever forgive myself for putting this picture up. I don't think i can mimic this picture.. I don't know how I did it. I just know we were hyper! HAHA! How embarrassing!

It looks like I have gumballs in my chin. LOL
The boys played a new game they got for Christmas. Its Jenga Maxx. Instead of taking things away, you are adding it on. It looked fun!

Beautiful Arizona Sunset!
We had such a great Christmas! When we came home on Sunday the 27th we went up to Justin's parents house and exchanged gifts with them! They gave us a camp chef! Its a big portable camping stove. We always borrow theirs when we go camping so they decided to buy us our own :) it is great!
Thank you everyone for a great Christmas. We love you all! XOXO


Carly said...

Such a cute post! I just want to clear the air...I did not do my hair Christmas morning...I just put on mascara so it would look like I have eyes. And OMGoodness! I can't believe you put the gumball cheek picture up. I got a good laugh!!!! We do get in weird moods when we are together lol!
We miss you guys too! Glad you were able to come!

Kara Lynn said...

Those pictures are sooooo funny!! I was laughing so hard :) Looks like you guys had a great Christmas! Your family is so cute. I love Lucky Perfume too :) Just so you know, you can get it for super cheap at It is SO much cheaper!! And the only difference is it says 'tester' on the bottle and doesn't come in a fancy box. Which doesn't bother me. My favorite is Lacoste-Touch of Pink and that's where I get it!