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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The rest of my Arizona trip!

I had so much fun down in Arizona with my sister and her family! I got to spend so much 1 on 1 time with my nephew and i loved it! I love the little things that he says! He now calls me "Kam" haha. His babysitters name is "Kamela" but he calls her "Kam". So the name stuck and now he calls me "Kam". We kinda think he's trying to say "Em" but it's coming out more like "Kam". But that's ok! Kamela is such a cute girl so I take it as a compliment :)
Some of my favorite things that he says now, are like when you give him a treat he says "Thank you Kam" but it's always in a whisper. Or when you sneeze, even FAKE sneeze he says "Bless Yous" with the 's' on the end and everything! I love it! Another cute thing he says is "Sorry Kam." or "sit down kam" and he'll point to the couch next to him so i will sit by him. Also he loves to run! So he'll start at one corner of the house and say "Set, Set, GO!" , instead of Ready, Set, Go and then he'll start running. I love that little boy! He is such a character! Here are some fun pictures of some other things that we did.

I use to sleep like this when I was a toddler. My mom thought I looked like a bug when i slept like this so she called (still calls me) buggledoo. I had to snap a picture

This was so cute! On Monday morning Dawn (Carly's sister-in-law) invited Lincoln and I to go see Horton Hears a Who with them. So we popped some popcorn and took it to the theater. After he still wanted to eat his popcorn but i had gone into the other room for a minute and this is what i came out to find! The cute boy had poured and thrown his popcorn EVERYWHERE! But then he had gone to the closet by himself and got the broom and dustpan out and was trying to clean it up!! What a smart, smart kid!!

Luther of course had to help out.

Trying to wear his dads flip flops
Right here he's saying "Me hold it" cause he wanted my camera!
Flowers Cody bought Carly & Chloe sunbathing
My sister is the biggest goof! We were sitting in line for In-N-Out Burger and all the sudden i look over and her tongue is hanging out of her mouth and i hear a dog panting noise. Well i guess when she pushes her brake peddle in the car it makes that noise! I laughed soo hard!

This next picture cracks me up! We were sitting in the car at walmart eating our In-N-Out Burgers and my sister says "Em look at that ford." So i looked and said "Yeah, so? What about it?" So she says, "Look harder..."

After looking at it for a minute, this is what i see! Poor bird, but we laughed really hard!! It's not every day you find a smashed bird in the grill of a ford! Haha!

Well we had lots of good times, and I'm sad the trip is over. But I rode back home with them so now they could visit the rest of the family. they'll be here till Sunday! I love my sister so much. She is such a wonderful person and I really look up to her. She is such a great mother, a hard worker and has a great funny personality! Love you SIS!


Carly said...

You are so sweet! I laughed so hard when I saw that you put my doggie picture up and told the story. YOu are hilarious! Thank you so much for hanging out with Lincoln and Cody while I was at camp. You are the GREATEST! Love you Em!