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Monday, July 6, 2009

4th of July in Arizona

On Saturday morning I flew out to Arizona to spend the week with my sister and her family. I'll be tending her son Lincoln while she is at girls camp. Cody will be home but works during the days. So Linc and i get to hang out!
On Saturday when i got in, Car and i went to the salon and got our nails done. Then we came home and made some 4th of July cupcakes. If anyone wants this recipe let me know!*

They turned out sooo cute!Going in the oven
All done!
Here's the frosting on top
The Middle.
Lincoln found them on the counter and had to try them out.
"Uh, oh I got caught!" :)
After dinner and cupcakes we went to a Cubs and Rangers game at the training stadium. Arizona + baseball game= REALLY HOT WEATHER!! We had a lot of fun but we spent the whole game eating snowies & using magazines to fan ourselves and keep cool. It was super hot! After the game they did a firework show! It was awesome!

Crazy Carly & Cody

We took Lincoln's shirt off cause it was soo hot!

After the fireworks we came home and did some pop-its. Since that's the only kind of fireworks Arizona allows... They won't even let you do sparklers cause it's such a fire hazard!!

I'm so glad I was able to come down to spend time with my sister. We're excited to head back to Utah to spend time with the rest of the family!