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Monday, June 29, 2009

Yuba Lake

On June 20th - 21st me, Justin and my little brother Kyle went down to Yuba lake with Justin's boss' family, The Hanson's. We had so much fun camping and boating but we did get A LOT of rain. But when it wasn't raining, we were out on the lake. Here are some pictures of all the fun:

Dean & Tamie's (Justin's boss & wife) truck & boat. Tom & Sherri's (Tamie's Mom & Dad) motor home.

The Crew!

Dean & Chad cooking breakfast!Yum, Ky... :0)

Charlie & Austin (2 of Dean's kids)

Dawson (Dean's youngest)

Kyle & Dawson playing Lacross

Kyle & Holden getting ready for boating!

Justin hanging out in the cuddy of the boat

"Aunt" Sherri (Tamie's Mom)Sherri & Mercedes (Tracy & Roy's daughter)

Roy attempting to wake board.

Tracy, Mercedes & Lucas

Tracy & Roy

Dean jumping the wake!

Hayden (Dean's son). This is his first time water skiing! He did so good, he got up on his first time and stayed above the water but he skid his bum across the water the whole time. He didn't really understand that he needed to stand up but still keep his legs a little bent. :0)

My hott husband jumping the wake :)

Me getting ready to water ski!

We had such a great time! We love spending time with the Hanson's. This is our second trip with them this year, I'm sure more will come! Thanks Hanson's for letting us join in!

Me & Charlie


Carly said...

D.A.N.G. I am SO JEALOUS! I haven't been boating since Kyle B. in 2004... :( I love wakeboarding and water skiing...Can anyone take us while we are up there? LOL!

Justin and Emily Ballantyne said...

Wow really!? That sucks bad! Maybe someone could take us. That would be fun!