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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Brets Cabin

This last weekend we went to Bret's cabin for Bret & Lindsay's birthday! We had tons of fun! This is how it went:

Friday Night started with this:
Then This:
This is the loft up in the attic (AKA: Narnia or Burmuda's Triangle)
After that we had pillow talk...
...and Justin wanted his hair braided.
Then we went on a night time four-wheeler ride: On Saturday we got up and went on a 40 mile ride out to Lyman Lake. We fished but didn't catch anything and I didn't get any pictures :( We had tons of fun but we also had some troubles. We were riding along and all the sudden bret gets something stuck in his tire. So we stopped and a huge bolt about 1/2 inch around was stuck in the tire with some kind of handle thing attached. We still had at least 15 miles to get back home so he kept driving on it cause the tire wasn't losing air. After about a mile, the bolt fell out. It was at least 6 inches long! We were shocked! But the hole kind of plugged itself and we were able to make it back.
Fixing the lure on the fishing pole.
Then we made cheesecake for the birthday kids:

Bret enjoyed it a little too much...
Doing the dishes, Steve being such a good helper!
Sunday morning was really rainy. We didn't do much except for pack up and played some horse shoes...

Justin Norton got a ringer...

Waiting to leave

We had some extra cheesecake left over from the celebration and i was about to throw it away and all the boys came over and said "NO WAIT!" They bombarded me for the last piece and ended up getting into a little bit of a fight:

Haha! It got finished, that's for sure!

So the trip ended well, and we had a good time! Thanks bret for letting us enjoy a fun filled weekend at your cabin!


Carly said...

Wow looks like you guys had a blast! That Steve kid looks familiar...did he go to Viewmont? Anywho, 22 days!!!!!!!!

Travis and Quinci Cole said...

what a fun trip. and what a great group to go with. I love steve and Justin they are awesome. prob just cause i grew up with them and they are like my brothers to me. But i'm glad you all had fun. Happy late birthday to bret and lindsay!