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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

This is for Abby

As many of you know, Justin's parents have a horse named Penny that they keep at a friends house (Dan's) in Centerville. Dan has two horses, one named Abby and the other named Chamber. Chamber is a young horse and is not broke quite yet, so he can't be rode. So every time Cindy and Gary went riding they took Abby along so they could ride in pairs. We love riding horses. Justin always rode Abby and I always rode Penny. We would always take them down to the Legacy Center in Farmington and ride them. Abby was like a mother to Penny and Chamber. On Sunday May 24th we lost Abby. It happened when all of the flooding in Grey's Canyon and the Green River started. She was getting a drink and the bank gave way with Dan on her back. Dan made it back to shore safely but unfortunately Abby did not. She drowned and as far as we know her body is still missing. On KSL there is a video of what happened. There were families that were in the area and they had to be lifted out by a helicopter. Those families made it out safely. In the article it says that everyone was very lucky but the only casualty was a young mans horse.This was Abby. The sheriff then tells the story of how it happened.

Abby was a genuine leader and her stall was right in the middle of Penny's and Chamber's. She was such a well mannered horse. Of course tho, she is a mare and gets stubborn so I always remember her fighting for the food. She always wanted to be the first and only one to eat so sometimes she would buck at Chamber and Penny. But most of all she was the best horse ever. She was very well trained, and such a pretty paint. I remember in the winter she would get snowed on and her fur would get so clean and white, she looked so pretty.
Even though Abby was just a friends horse, she is like a family member. I know we will miss her very much.


Garth and Stef Nelson said...

Brenda told me about it. That is so sad.

Carly said...

Poor Abby. She was a good horse!