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Monday, December 1, 2008

Duke + Halloween + Random Pictures!

Brace Yourselves! Here they come!!

Halloween was so fun this year. At work we had somewhat of a costume party. Here's the winner: *Can you guess what he is?*

This is Rhett *The winner* he is an Ipod commercial. Get it?!?

Clever stuff!!

Me, Tina (Middle) & Nikkie(End)

Nikkie & Venessa

Me AKA Minnie Mouse

Madison & Bridget!

Duke is such a good dog. We love him to pieces! We spoil him like crazy but we think it's okay :)
However, last month he had to be neutered. He was not a happy camper. Usually when we come home he wags his tail like crazy, jumps up and gives us kisses. On this day... he didn't! He wouldn't even move. He just looked at us with those adorable puppy eyes and made us feel so guilty. But he is better now, playful, cuddly and so cute! We love our Dukey!
The day after the surgery. He wouldn't leave his scare alone so they sent him home with a cone. He kept running into EVERYTHING! I even got two huge black bruises on my legs from him running into me. We got a kick out of it!
These next pictures are totally all Justin's ideas. One night i was in the front room painting my toe nails. He comes in with a huge grin on his face and picks out the brightest color i had in the bucket. Cherry Red Nail Polish... Yup, i think you know what is coming. He PAINTED Duke's toe nails. Poor duke was sneezing from inhaling all the paint fumes, and the look on his face was like "Poor me, what are they doing to me!?!" I had to take pictures!

He even put the toe separators in between each toe!

These are just too cute! :)

Beautiful blue puppy eyes

Now, this is where Duke gets his butt spanked! I come home from work one day and find this!

Yes i taped these letters back together so i could actually read them!

I just received this in the mail that morning. I renewed my license since i turned 21 in November. Well i paid 20.00 for this renewal and then i had to pay 20 more dollars because my check bounced (Oops, that's what we get for switching banks with an outstanding check) So now i have to pay 20 MORE dollars to get a new license, this one got completely chewed up!

TWILIGHT: Loved the movie!

I am not a fan of the guy they chose to play Edward Cullen in the movie. I just didn't picture him that way in my head. This is how I pictured him:

This is Henry Cavil. This is actually who Stephenie Meyer wanted to play Edward. But Henry is too old, also i heard she didn't have much say on the characters. I fell in love with all the other characters in the movie. I think they all matched up perfectly! For the budget they had, the movie was great! I still like the books better though!

Thanks for bearing with me through this post! :) Happy Holiday's!


Cody and Carly said...

Oh my. I laughed out loud when I saw Dutchess' (haha) painted nails. He is no longer Duke with red nails :) That is too funny. I also sympathize with the chewed up things...welcome to my world. Stupid dogs I tell ya! Love you sister!

BenMel0810 said...

Ha ha ha you totally saw that movie with me!!!!!!!!!!!!1 :) you funny girl! I love you and we need to play ASAP!!!!!

Cherilyn and McCall said...

wow small world.. I went to Jr high and my first year of high school with Nikkie.. cute Halloween costume though!

Kathy Hales said...

Hey Justin and Emily just wanted to let you know I loved your blog. It is such a neat way to stay in touch and see what is going on in your lives. Justin, wanted to let you know that Tyson works up at snowbird as a lift operator, you two should go boarding together while he is there. He will be there through March. I also think he could get you a day pass, send me your phone number and I will pass it on to him, he does not have a computer send it too That would be totally awesome.
Thanks again for your blog I enjoyed it tons.
Aunt Kat