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Thursday, October 16, 2008

The dreaded question:

HELP! Last night me and my husband spent an hour or more trying to decide what to cook for dinner. We all know that we could have done the simple frozen pizza, spaghetti, rice-a-roni or frozen chicken strips... but those thing have become boring to us. We wanted something more! We went through our cupboards and tried to come up with something that just sounded delicious when we said it. Unfortunately, we found nothing and went out. I hate going out but then again, i am not a good cook. Okay, maybe i am but i don't know WHAT to cook. I want to come home at night and have something on my mind that i can cook and know that Justin will eat it when it is ready. Ya know, like when we all use to live at home and we'd be downstairs watching a movie and then mom or dad would call down the stairs "Come up for dinner" Then we'd all sit around the table and without a fuss we'd eat whatever they put in front of us (Unless, for me, it was casserole - YUCK)

Everyone tells me to get a crock pot... Well we have one. We've had one since the day we got married. It is a VERY nice crock pot but it hasn't even come out of the box. I know it is a shame but i just don't know HOW or WHAT to cook. What crock pot recipes do you have?

So I am here today to ask for your input. Help me out, and leave me some good recipes :)
This would be awesome because then we would save money instead of going out!

I've got a pretty good list of stuff I could make. I just need to learn how. Like my mother-in-laws meatloaf. MMM! We beg for this every Sunday, although we don't always get it. I never liked meatloaf when dad made it - No offense dad. But Cindy's doesn't have onions and she puts Heinz 57 in it. Oh it is good stuff!!
Thanks for your comments (If you do leave one I would appreciate it) Hopefully i can become a better cook and actually have ideas of what to make for dinner instead of spending an hour deciding whether to cook something or go out. Feel free to leave a huge long list (SIS!!!), i don't care - I'd actually love it :)

I know this is tacky but i need the help!! Thanks a bunch!

P.S. Emily doesn't like tomatoes, Justin doesn't like onions... although the flavor of onions is fine.


Cody and Carly said...

Didn't we go through this just a few months ago? HAHA...Okay, so instead of typing all of the things that I can tell you to make, I am going to call you and we can go over it on the phone. That way I have time to get my list ready...

Ben and Julie Schacht said...

So i saw how you are looking for new things to make a couple days ago when i was looking at your blog. When I was trying to think of something to make tonight I remembered this and i thought i might put this down for you.

It's called Bubble and Squeak don't ask me why. All it is, is potatoes, cabbage, and sausage. Wash and peel the potatoes, cut the potatoes into bite size chunks. You can either steam them or boil them in water to make them soft. I usually do 4 potatoes for 2 people. Then i would use about a half of cabbage. Cut that into chunks as well, not strips. Same as with the potatoes you can either steam the cabbage or boil it until it's soft. Brown the sausage (i use a half stick of the packaged ground sausage). When they're all finished mix everything together. Ben likes Ranch on top i prefer lots and lots of butter with salt and pepper mmmm. I love this meal and it's pretty easy. I hope you enjoy. Let me know if you have any questions